You can’t make this stuff up.  Israel is hell-bent to kill every living Palestinian they can.  The restraint they do show is completely due to their desire to maintain as much positive public opinion as possible.

But shelling residential areas “accidentally”, and then in the "confusion" they prevent medical help from treating the wounded and dying, is a tactic they can write off to poor intelligence, and poor coordination. They are always so very sorry this had to happen.

Medics prevented from treating dying Palestinian mother

A MOTHER of five was killed by Israeli artillery fire when she went to fetch her two-year-old son from outside her village home close to the “buffer zone” created by Israel along its border with Gaza.

Three of her relatives were wounded in the shelling earlier this week, but Red Crescent ambulances were not permitted to reach the family for several hours.

According to the woman’s husband, Nasser Abu Said (37) the attack began without warning at about 8.30pm on Tuesday with two shells being fired as the family of 17 sat outside their house in the village of Johar a-Deek. Apart from Nasser and his 65-year-old father, the entire group was women and children.