Moron Inventors

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    Moron Inventors

    Maybe it's just me; but I'd like to think the next step in automotive evolution should wait until driving behavior can get somewhat better. 

    I don't know; what do you think? 

    I know what I think.  I think the statistics for dangerous and deadly irresponsible behavior will only increase - not decrease.

    Remember when inventors invented products and services for the betterment of society?   Now it seems that being out for a buck on a get-rich-quick scheme will be towards society's end.

    oh well.  Undecided

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    Re: Moron Inventors

    Really they need to get more strict with handing out liscences to drive. If I had a dime for every driver who almost veered into me or who didn't follow the most basic traffic laws, I've be a millionaire now. There are just too many A holes on the road.