No earmarks right mr president? What a laugh

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    No earmarks right mr president? What a laugh

    A bill passed yesterday by our lovely house, is just full of earmarks, read on! Hmm, the globe has nothing about this? I wonder why..

    the bill provided nearly $8 billion for more than 8,500 pet projects favored by lawmakers, including $1.7 million for a honey bee laboratory in Weslaco, Tex.; $346,000 for research on apple fire blight in Michigan and New York; and $1.5 million for work on grapes and grape products, including wine.


    Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, said it was unseemly for Congress to finance so many pet projects at a time when “the Justice Department is investigating the connection between earmarks and campaign contributions.”

    By a vote of 226 to 182, the House killed a proposal by Mr. Flake calling on the House ethics committee to investigate such connections.

    Heck ya , if we investigated the pork and who bought it with campaign money we would have to arrest the whole legislature. dems and repubs alike im sure, except maybe mr flake, i guess.

    The bill includes $1.8 million to conduct research in Iowa on “swine odor and manure management.”

    The legislation includes $173,000 for research on asparagus production in Washington State; $206,000 for wool research in Montana, Texas and Wyoming; and $209,000 for efforts to improve blueberry production in Georgia.

    It also includes $208,000 to control a weed known as cogongrass in Mississippi; $1.2 million to control cormorants in Michigan, Mississippi, New York and Vermont; $1 million to control Mormon crickets in Utah; and $162,000 to control rodents in Hawaii.

    Democrats also earmarked money for the presidential libraries of three Democrats: Franklin D. Roosevelt ($17.5 million), John F. Kennedy ($22 million) and Lyndon B. Johnson ($2 million).

    The bill even includes earmarks requested by some lawmakers who have left Congress, like Senator Pete V. Domenici, Republican of New Mexico, and Representative William J. Jefferson, Democrat of Louisiana.

    and my favorite is the 200k for california for a tattoo removal machine for gangmembers!
    Yes we can!
    another 400 billion down the drain!

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    No earmarks right mr president? What a laugh

    It seems to me that the Republicans have NO moral standing to criticize government spending, especially given their record of the past 8 years! It is immensely hypocritical and demonstrates that the party is bereft of ideas and can only oppose everything, hoping for a repeat of 1994!!
    Sorry boys!! The damage is too great this timeand you've been reduced to a regional party that probly wont be a force in government for some time to come!
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    No earmarks right mr president? What a laugh

    As seems to be the case with you more times than not, you don't even understand the topic you posted at least as it pertains to Obama.

    First, the Globe covered the story, seen here:

    Second, what the House does is the House's business. Obama is no longer in the legislative branch he does not control the specifics of legislation drafted. Of course you understand that there are more than one branch of government at the federal level, right?

    Third, has Obama signed the bill into law? No? See that's because it is still banging around in Congress where it will be amended, cut, revised, and then sent to President. If he signs it then complain, until then your beef is with congress.
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    No earmarks right mr president? What a laugh

    Until it is vetoed my beef is with the president.
    The house never promised a thing, the president did.
    so far Obamas aides have said " its a large bill and we have not read it through yet." -
    Now if you say im jumping the gun, then fine, rather than blaming Obama, I am Holding him to task in advance.
    President Obama, live up to your words and fix this earmark problem!

    is that better for you?