Obomba's Healthcare Nightmare

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    Obomba's Healthcare Nightmare

    This chart has been compiled by the adversarial opposition, the Red Team, who wants to re-attain the coveted reins of Imperial Power.

    But that does not make it any less accurate. As a matter of fact, it has to be prtetty much right on, or they would be jeered and derided, and they dare not allow that to happen.

    So, click the link to download a full-size PDF of this chart, and ask yourself how in hell something as insane as this could actually authorize a band-aid on a child's finger, much less any of the complex and time-critical health challenges we all face.


    You can enlarge this document to a size where everything is completely visible, and please remember this is the opening salvo, and as all government programs, it will grow itself, and morph into something even larger, even more grotesque, if let to its own devices.

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    Re: Obomba's Healthcare Nightmare

    The chart painstakingly put together by House Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee speaks for itself. Resembling a bowl of undercooked spaghetti noodles in which healthcare providers, private insurers, and consumers are challenged to find the beginning and end of any given strand along a process chain, the byzantine maze of bureaucratic gateways promises to fluster Americans trying to make everyday healthcare decisions for themselves and their family members.

    When you download the PDF, you can enlarge it to see the amazing detail and facts crammed into this effort.  The image above (at 1200X magnification) shows that every agency, and every relationship between these laws and agencies are fully documented with the § section number from the Heath Care Bill.