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Outsourcing your job to India is good for America!

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    Outsourcing your job to India is good for America!

    Enrich the US economy?  The only enrichment was to the bottom line of the NWO globalist corporations, who have purchased every US president for over 20 years.

    Here’s a flashback for you… It’s gonna be good for us!. Six years later we have the highest and most intractable unemployment since the first great depression, and now we are being politely told these jobs won’t be back, they’re gone forever.


    Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S.

    By Seattle Times wire services

    February 10, 2004

    WASHINGTON — The movement of American factory jobs and white-collar work to other countries is part of a positive transformation that will enrich the U.S. economy over time, even if it causes short-term pain and dislocation, the Bush administration said yesterday.

    The embrace of foreign "outsourcing," an accelerating trend that has contributed to U.S. job losses in recent years and has become an issue in the 2004 elections, is contained in the president's annual report to Congress on the U.S. economy.

    "Outsourcing is just a new way of doing international trade," said N. Gregory Mankiw, chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisors, which prepared the report. "More things are tradable than were tradable in the past. And that's a good thing."

    The report, which predicts the nation will reverse a three-year employment slide by creating 2.6 million jobs in 2004, is part of an effort by the administration to highlight signs that the recovery is picking up speed. Bush's economic stewardship has become a central issue in the presidential campaign.


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    Re: Outsourcing your job to India is good for America!

    On what appears to be a completely related topic, Michelle Obomba takes her shot at in the “royalty that are oblivious to the peasants plight” contest with her  “Let Them Eat Cake” decision to summer like royalty at the impoverished and barely employed peasant’s expense.

    Washington/Madrid -

    US First Lady Michelle Obama and one of her two daughters will take a summer break in Spain, a White House source said Monday.

    Mother and daughter would come to the southern holiday resort of Marbella on a "private visit in the company of old friends," the source told the German Press Agency dpa.

    US President Barack Obama will not accompany his wife, the source said.

    Spanish media reports said Michelle Obama and her younger daughter Sasha, 9, would be on Spain's Costa del Sol between August 4 and 8.

    There had been speculation that Barack Obama might also come to Spain to celebrate his 49th birthday on August 4.

    Michelle Obama has reserved about 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said.

    And to add insult to injury, she is enriching the economy of Spain, while the US tourist industry sinks into oblivion.