i've been a long time reader of these boards,�and its come time to say enough is enough. now i don't proclaim to�be the barometer of truth, and to know�all there�is to know, but too often times judgements, and agendas are passed off as truths and facts and that cannot continue. i'll make this as brief as possible: this war was fought for money and oil, saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, and al qaeda was in no way linked to iraq. our soldiers-the brave (and misinformed)�men and women they are, are not over there bringing democracy to iraq, their making a mockery of you and i. there are dozens of videos that show them acting in abhorent manners, yet we americans do nothing to stop it. we have shamed our founding fathers, and our brothers and sisters as well. please do your own research and find out what is taking place in this world. we have been warned by far greater men than me and you of what would happen if we allowed banks, corporations, and the military industrial complex to grow up around us. i could go on and on....obviously i am not barack obama, and i don't support him either, i support ron paul (look up his story and stance on issues and tell me you don't agree with him) but you mustn't elect hillary clinton. the clinton's have smuggled drugs while bill was governor, mureded people to cover it up, pardoned all his criminal friends, and the list goes on. please watch the clinton chronicales from 1994, it exposes everything you'll ever need to know about the clintons and their misdeeds. i promise you all of this is 100% verifiable fact, if only you take it upon yourself to do the research.