Gym Etiquette

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    Gym Etiquette

    OK, I need a sanity check hereà--> -->Yesterday afternoon, I went to my local gym to get in a good cardio workout. When I got there, there was hardly anyone in the gym, so I was able to get an elliptical machine and a TV all to myself (there are about 5 TVs hanging on a front wall in the cardio area). I found a movie to watch and I did a 30 minute session on the elliptical. I then moved to a stationary bike in a row behind the elliptical machines. I could still easily see the same TV so I was able to continue to watch the same movie. --> -->About 15 minutes into my bike session, a woman came into the cardio area and got on the same elliptical I was using earlier. She then proceeded to change the channel on the TV. I said to her, ôMiss, I was watching that movieö. She totally gave me an attitude but she turned the channel back to the movie I was watching. I wish the story stopped thereà--> -->She then proceeded to shake her head and mutter to herself as if she was pissed that I said anything to her. I then said to her, ôIf it is that big of a deal, then you can change the channelö. She then proceeded to yell at me and tell me to ômind my own businessö and a bunch of other nasty comments. She did not however, take me up on my offer to change the channel.--> -->It gets betterà--> -->For the next few minutes, I got the ôdirty look over the shoulderö. After about the 5th glance, I said to her, ôIÆll be done in 10 minutes and then you can do whatever you want with the TVö. She then freaked out and again yelled at me, calling me a ôcrazy personö (The whole time I was thinking, ôLady, IÆm not the one screamingàö Some guy who came into the area replied to her rant by saying ôWeÆre all crazy ladyö).--> -->Here's my question...Was I wrong to tell her I was already watching something on the TV? If I enter the cardio area and there are folks in the room, I always ask if anyone minds if I turn the channel. If it is really busy, sometimes I donÆt even bother and I use my I-Pod instead.--> -->I donÆt even like doing cardio indoorsà IÆm a tri-athlete and I usually do my workouts outside. Unfortunately, the roads are too dangerous to bike on this time of year. I was just trying to kill time by getting into a juicy movie.--> -->The irony of the story is that a guy came into the area after this ordeal and asked me if I was watching the SAME TV. I said ôYesö and he said ôNo problem, just checkingàö. IsnÆt that the ôrightö thing to do?

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    Gym Etiquette

    OK, now I know it's not me...Same woman was at the gym yesterday.� There are signs all over the gym that say "No cell phone use in the gym".� She was on her phone for no less than 20 minutes talking (actually arguing) so that everyone could hear her conversation.� She was moving from weight machine to weight machine chit-chatting.� Others had to wait for her because she was multi-tasking and at times sitting on machines rather than actually using them.I had no�confrontation with her�this time ( I actually did my best to avoid her), but isn't this ridiculous?� Unfortunately, it is a 24 hour facitlity and there was no staff around to observe this behavior.What ever happened to following rules?

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    Gym Etiquette

    You are absolutely within the gym "rights"� Like getting on an ellipitcal, bike or treadmill, it's first come, first serve.� I do not think that changes with the TV.� That lady sounds like she feels entitled or that she "owns" the gym.� I love putting these people back in their place!

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    Gym Etiquette

    What ever happened to following rules?� And the answer is;��Gym management and employees are not enforcing them.�� A gym I belonged to did not discourage cell phone use on the floor� and also�the trainers were on their cell phones while walking around.� When I had first joined up at a gym that shall remain aimless, the trainer assigned to me for going over the workout program took calls and at one appointment that�I showed up on time for, told me he was going out to get gum and that's the last I saw of him.� He was eventually fired and I did not rejoin there..� My biggest pet peeve is people who use a machine and then just sit there and sit and chat with their gym buddies and sit some more. just sort of�looking around�and spacing out.� � When finally approaching to ask if they are through the answer is usually; "Oh, I'm resting between reps."�� I've done a load of laundry in less time.� �

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    Gym Etiquette

    I haven't seen that problem at the gym I belong to. The problem I see is people not wiping the machines down after use, kinda gross being sweaty and all!!!
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    Gym Etiquette


    See, I agree.� It was not polite to change the channel without asking first.� But according to you, the woman changed the channel back.� That should have been the end of the story.

    I do believe you might need a sanity check, though.

    "She then proceeded to shake her head and mutter to herself as if she was pissed." Really? I thought you were watching TV and working out, not observing others.� And are you an expert in human behavior?� She didn't say anything to you.� Most people would leave it at that.�

    Let me repeat: she was rude.� But she changed the channel back.� Why would you go asking: "If it is that big of a deal, then you can change the channel"?� Mind your own business, watch TV, and finish your workout.�

    But let's say you were just being super nice by asking.� OK.�� Shen then answers "a bunch of other nasty comments."� Shouldn't you now go back to your workout, watch TV, and move on?�

    Oh no.� You feel you "got the 'dirty look over the shoulder'".� What?� I thought you were working out and watching TV.� And what's the "dirty look" anyway? Most sane people would have identified the warning signs (the woman was rude).� You didn't.� You proceeded to say "I�ll be done in 10 minutes and then you can do whatever you want with the TV".� Why would you do that?� If you are going to be done in 10 minutes, watch TV, finish your workout and leave.�

    Don't get me wrong.� The woman was very rude.� But you made a simple situation much worse.� There are rude people out there.� Not everybody is happy-happy all the time.� But as long as these ruse people leave others alone (as this woman did after changing the channel back) there is no need to worry.

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    Gym Etiquette

    Let me clarify...The gym has two rows of cardio.� She was in the front row and I was in the row immediately behind her.� The TVs�are ceiling height.� Although I am not an expert at human behavior (are you?), it doesn't take a genious to figure out when someone is pissed off at you.��I think her exact words were�"Jesus Christ! " when I pointed out I was watching the TV.� The lady was between me and the TV, so I wasn't specifically watching her, but it was hard to ignore her body language as it went on for several minutes.I was being sincere when I gave her the option to turn the channel.� She didn't take me up on the offer, so she should have been the one to drop it there.� Instead, the glances continued.� My second comment ("I'm leaving in 10 minutes...") was said because at that point she was really making me uncomfortable with the "over the shoulder" glances and I just wanted her to stop.You made the comment: "There are rude people out there.� Not everybody is happy-happy all the time.� But as long as these ruse people leave others alone (as this woman did after changing the channel back) there is no need to worry."As far as I'm concerned, her glances and comments did not constitute "leaving me alone".� They were totally uncalled for.� Why should I be made to feel uncomfortable just because she may have been having a bad day?� She was more than rude... she was rude and confrontational.It doesn't matter at this point...� my cardio workouts have moved outside...

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    Gym Etiquette

    I must not be understanding the story. Each person has a right to watch whatever they want on the machine they are actually on. That being said she certainly should have handled it better and not reacted the way she did.
    While it was nice of you to ask her if it was ok to continue watching the movie on "HER" machine it was also balsy and a bit creepy. I know I wouldn't want someone staring over my shoulder while I'm working out. Maybe that's just me.
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    Gym Etiquette

    I think gym members should focus less on what is on the TV and more on the intensity of their workout.
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    Gym Etiquette

    You were totally right.  She should have said something to you before she changed the channel. 
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    Gym Etiquette

    I generally feel that, if you can talk on the phone while you're working out, you're not doing it right.

    As for the other - I want to be surprised that this woman is so self-involved that she would walk into an otherwise empty workout room, stop directly in front of the only other person in it, and change the channel on the TV without consulting you. Especially since I assume that you, like most people, watch the TV by looking at it, rather than staring blankly into space or at your machine. I really, really want to be surprised. You handled the situation correctly, though.

    My gym puts out cleaner and paper towels for people to use after their workouts. What kills me is the people who throw the towel in the general vicinity of the garbage can and leave it on the ground. I mean - if you have the energy to spend an hour on the treadmill despite the four people waiting and the clearly posted thirty-minute time limit, surely you're not too lazy to bend over and put your paper towel in the trash.
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    Gym Etiquette

    [Quote]What ever happened to following rules?

    Are you sure that really wasn't Manny Ramirez? His hair is long enough and it's well documented how rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to him.

    Just askin'

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    Gym Etiquette

    Another example of gym rage! Haven't you noticed that most gyms are full of serving a*holes? It's all about them and their needs. I know it's a 24 hour gym, but there must be someone around. I would report her.