Phosphates on the Charles

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    Phosphates on the Charles

    I understand State Representative Alice Wolf wants an investigation about the cleanliness of the Charles River.

    I do not believe her investigation includes the imminent destruction of the GREEN at Magazine Beach to replace the GREEN Magazine Beach with a Phosphate maintained environment. This is being done by the DCR with funds from the City of Cambridge and supported by Representative Wolf.

    I understand new phosphate sources on the Charles are prohibitted by the Federal EPA.

    The last time the DCR "improved" the Charles by destroying a GREEN recreation area and importing their beloved poisons was at Ebersol Fields near Mass. General. The poisons did not work although the GREEN environment had worked. So the DCR imported Tartan fungicide. Tartan is marked against use near water. The day after use of Tartan was the day of the 2006 destruction of the Charles from the Harbor to the Mass. Ave. bridge.

    The non-profit mafia blamed the 2006 poisoning of the Charles on the Mirant plant across the river from Ebersol Fields. Strange, Mirant has steadily DECREASED their emissions for years before the poisoning of the Charles.

    Wolf's prior "improvements" to the Charles River came in 2004 in Magazine Beach phase 1 when her friends as phase 1 of the current environmental destruction walled off Magazine Beach from the Charles at Magazine Beach (and the City of Cambridge walled it off at the Hyatt Regency). These attacks commenced the starvation attacks on the 25 year resident Charles River White Geese.

    The DCR had promised for four years to "do no harm" to the Charles River White Geese. The DCR explained the contradiction by saying that starving them is not harming them.

    A bunch of the non-profit mafia did a "swim-in" at Magazine Beach the following late summer to brag that the destruction of the Magazine Beach wetlands, the destruction of protective vegetation and the destruction of animal habitat, combined with the starving of the geese would improve swimming on the Charles.

    The implementation of these promises is a wall of bizarre designer bushes walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles. They bragged that these were "native" in spite of the fact that they proved unfit by repeatedly dying.

    Representative Wolf's investigation should start by looking in the mirror. An excellent phase 2 would be to kill the pending destruction of the GREEN environment at Magazine Beach. An excellent phase 3 would be to get those stupid bushes off the waterfront and resume access between Magazine Beach and the Charles River by humans and the Charles River White Geese.

    Pious words belied by a destructive record are a destructive record.

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    Phosphates on the Charles

    Regrettably, the biggest problem on the Charles River with regard to INCREASE in pollutants is the people running around making such lovely noises.It is a "do as I say, not as I do" situation.� The second biggest hypocrites, of course are the Cambridge pols.� The biggest and most destructive has to be the DCR.� Floating around the outside is a mafia of non-profits which will praise these two no matter how vile they are and try to find some non-government entity to blame things on.In last Monday's Cambridge City Council meeting, a councilor who claims to be an environmentalist, Craig Kelley, had the nerve to put in an order wondering about a decrease in water quality on the Cambridge side of the Charles west of the Longfellow.On the Boston side just east of the Longfellow is Ebersol Fields which has been fed poisons for several years now, and which was fed Tartan in 2006 THE DAY BEFORE the Charles "suddenly" became dead.The North Point park looks like it is being fed this junk as well.Kelley's city government is following the lead of the Ebersol Fields outrage by repeating the destruction of GREEN, untouched (and money unspent) land to replace it with Ebersol Fields.� Behind Kelley when he admires the dirty water are PERFECTLY HEALTHTY trees the DCR wants to destroy, part of 449 to 660 trees between the Longfellow and the BU Bridge so slated.But Kelley does not want to know about that.� He also does not want to know about the valuable resident animals he is starving around the BU Bridge.The likely "explanation" for the water quality will be the power plant east of the Longfellow on the Cambridge side, which has been DECREASING poisons as the state and Cambridge increases them.� You are right, the loud "protesters" are a very real problem, but they are a very real problem because they are lying in their protests and are on the wrong side.