Only 91% of the black vote went�to Barry in North Carolina ?� This is a disturbing trend.� What can he do to close in on the other 8-9% nationally to make it a complete 100% ? Where can I find the EXIT POLL breakdown for the black vote ?� Example:� Black males voted what percent for Obama vs black Females ?College educated blacks voted what %� ?blacks earning more than or less than 50k voted what %� ?� My question is,� do they do EXIT polls for the BLACK vote just like all of the exit polling of the WHITE vote or does it just NOT MATTER ?� IN THE GENERAL election, blacks always vote about 90% for the DEMOCRATIC candidate regardless if they're KERRY, DUKAKIS, etc,, just doesn't matter.�� What % of the black vote will OBAMA take in the GENERAL election vs McCain ?� It won't be 100% because I happen to know several black people that are voting McCain, however, is there some way to snag above 95 %� and really make a statement ?� After all, it's all about EQUALITY in this country right ?� PLEASE, SOMEONE help with the breakdown of BLACKS, ASIANS, INDIANS, etc if there is such a thing.� Thanks,� enjoy another Presidential loss in 2008 .�