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Who will be VP?

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    Who will be VP?

    As the presidential race continues to gain momentum, produced a list of likely vice presidential candidates for the Democrats and Republicans.

    Who do you see looming as a running mate for each party?

    Should the Democratic nominee pick someone who can counter McCain's reputation on defense, such as Jim Webb of Virginia or retired General Wesley Clark?

    Does McCain need someone who can draw Southern conservatives, such as Mike Huckabee? Or would he be better served by picking someone with a strong business acumen, such as Mitt Romney?

    Did we miss any potential running mates?

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    Who will be VP?

    My Prediction is



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    Who will be VP?

    I agree with Meter on this one...Obama/RichardsonMcCain/RomneyIt makes sense...Richardson is very experienced and Obama has NO experience.McCain is very weak on economic issues and Romney makes up for that, and then some.� Not to mention it makes alot of people who voted for Romney feel better about pulling the lever for McCain.�

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    Who will be VP?

    I don't see why on earth McCain would ever choose Romney as his running mate.� Romney has no credibility with the social conservative wing of the GOP (he is considered to be an unprincipled flip-flopper by most on the right).� And he is generally reviled by moderates and independents for being, well, an unprincipled flip-flopper.� So he brings far more negatives than positives to the table.� What does McCain gain by choosing him as his running mate? I just don't see any pluses.� If he wants to woo social conservatives, he'd be far better off with Huckabee, who has more conservative "street cred", and who, despite his socially rightward leaning views, is probably less objectionable to moderate voters because they at least consider him to be a "straight shooter".� Kay Bailey Hutchinson is an interesting idea as well, especially if Hillary ends up being the Dem nominee.� She could blunt the gender gap significantly, and she's from a key state (Texas).� As for the Dems, I like the Jim Webb idea.� Regardless of who wins the Dem nomination, they'll need to look either south or west for some geographic diversity on the ticket, and probably someone who's got strong foreign policy/defense experience.� Webb fits the bill nicely on both counts.

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    Who will be VP?

    Heh...I think McCain/Ah-nuld would be brilliant, but I'm pretty sure that Schwarzenegger is constitutionally disqualified from serving as VP or Prez (not born here).
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    Who will be VP?

    Makes perfect sense to me.�Time to say good-bye to Hillary.

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    Who will be VP?

    While Bloomberg is interesting for Obama (independent businessman, break the deadlock, etc . . .), I think the more likely name out of Virginia would be Gov. Tim Kaine than Sen. Jim Webb.� Kaine is a Governor in a state that is regarded as well run, won an overwhelming victory here and thus likely to switch a sizeable state, and is a former Catholic missionary. Given prominence of religion in this campaign, that may help�Obama with both European extraction and Hispanic Catholics.� Webb takes a pretty harsh tone on the stump, and, as a novelist, no doubt will have book excerpts be kicked around. Also, Obama�has been having�trouble with Jewish supporters, and Webb had strong Arab American backing. �I'm not aware of any particular positions Webb's taken on Israel or other issues of significance to Jews, but just as Obama is blasted for statements on Jews and Israel by his supporters, you could expect oppo researchers to dig into the background of Webb's backers. Not fair, but not unexpected.� Oh, I'm a Jew and a very strong supporter of Webb, too, so it pains me to say this.

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    Who will be VP?

    Obama / Richardson is a no-brainer.� Wesley Clark is a dark horse.

    I don't think McCain will choose a senator or someone who ran against him, insofar as he won the nomination only because everyone else was perceived as worse.� Maybe Gov. Crist of Florida, who is popular, populist and brings home a big swing state.� Plus his white hair makes McCain not look so old by comparison.

    Clinton / Obama is popularly viewed as an option which has been destroyed with her recent negative attacks, but it's hard to see her winning without him.� She's smart enough to know that.

    The dream ticket is a long shot ... if say 150 superdelegates sit on their hands and the convention goes past a first ballot with no nominee, we may get Gore / Obama.

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    Who will be VP?

    He would make an excellent VP.� I know nothing about the other potential VPs.

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    Who will be VP?

    I wholeheartedly disagree.� As an Obama supporter I am sitting home on election day if HRC is the nominee.� I am tired of the fighting and character assassinations that the Clintons and taking.� I WANT TO MOVE ON!

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    Who will be VP?

    my two cents

    For the Republicans
    1) Romney
    2) Charlie Crist (FLA Gov)

    For Obama
    1)� Biden (If not then Sec. State)
    2)� Strickland

    For Hilary
    1)� Strickland
    2)� Biden� (if not then Sec. State)

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    Who will be VP?

    Mit would be the best for war-crazy Mccain; neither hillary nor obama shoudl be VP (their ego's can't handle it - they'll always try to be president or resent not being it!)
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    Who will be VP?

    condi rice is bush's toy
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    Who will be VP?

    mccain is going to win the election - mit better hope he gets picked (all that money to waste!!)
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    Who will be VP?

    I am a little disapointed in for failing to mention Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as a potential VP. She won 62% in a republican state, has done more to curb illegals by putting sanctions on EMPLOYERS, and she has been voted one of the Top FIve Governors by TIme, and listed as a potential �presidential candidate in the future....and mentioned by many as a potential VP candidate.Shame on to limiting the VP selection to stodgy white guys (with the exception of Richardson), and not doing a thorough job. �

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    Who will be VP?

    Yup.�Bloomberg was a lifelong democrat and only switched his party affiliation right before he ran for Mayor of NY. He had a better chance of getting the nomination running as a GOPer.Most people don't know what� and will think there is some bipartisan effort going on.

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    Who will be VP?

    McCain is going to pick an independent or a centrist. That will be his best winning strategy. Obama has been very aggressively trying to get a Bloomberg endorsement - but if Bloomberg were to endorse a Democrat - he would have done it already to help them win the nomination. Obama asked Bloomberg to introduce him when he gave his economic speech in NYC, and asked him to review his speech beforehand.�However, Bloomberg started his introduction by saying, "some of you, including me,�may not agree with everything you hear today." That doesn't sound much like an endorsement to me. Bloomberg is a very desired partner - and if McCain were to pick someone like Romney as a VP - he would lose the Bloomberg support and the Bloomberg monetary help (which far exceeds anything Romney has ever been able to get his hands on). He would also lose the Schwarzenegger support, which brought a lot of people to McCain's side.�Romney would be a terrible choice for him. Democrats only hope. Bloomberg will only choose the candidate that more aligns with an independent view. Obama is far to the left, and the Republicans have elected McCain, who is�very much in the center.�VPs�that�Democrats and the�media hope�McCain picks: Romney, Huckabee, Crist, Jeb Bush, Rice.VPs that are probably on McCain's short list: Lieberman, Bloomberg, Colin Powell, Al Gore, Giuliani, Mark Sanford, Forbes.Democratic ticket: Obama/Richardson