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    Re: Who Knows - How This Column Will End ?

    I can't wait.


    Think for yourself, question authority.

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    Re: Who Knows - How This Column Will End ?

    This writer knew what he was doing. The title made me want to see what the article was about. 

    And guess what. The title is the first thing the author writes about.

    Here is how this article starts.


    Spoiler Alert: I have no idea how this ends.

    I know how it begins, because I spent a long time thinking of the right opening — something that would draw you in, like the welcoming, radiant and practiced smile of the salesman. Later we will have to close the deal. That requires another approach (hustling you out the door, trying to stave off your buyer’s remorse). But let us return to that.

    My bias toward beginnings is probably a vestigial reflex from my background in journalism, which taught me to cluster the important stuff up top, because whatever lurked below might get cut from the bottom at the last second by a production man wielding an X-acto knife. I was trained to think in column inches, and so, like a bolt of fabric, my articles typically had no carefully constructed ends, just places where the lopping off seemed less injurious.

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