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In response to Sistersledge's comment:

They voted against Federal money to pay for flood insurance claims due to Hurricane Sandy. Those are the same dogs who will come running with their hands out when a natural disaster hits their Red states.

Happy New Year!

Read the bill was LOADED with pork.  Billions were/are going to things like "wildlife in Alaska" and "roof repairs to the Smithsonian".  As a person that gave to Sandy relief at a time when my family could not afford it, I`m appalled that the Democratically controlled Senate would load a much needed Sandy relief bill with millions and billions for things like automobiles for Homeland Security.

Read the bill when you get a chance.

Do you mean that I should read about the Pork that was heading to the Red States of Alabama, Mississippi,Louisanna and Texas ?

Keep up this Obamaesque politics of division.

I guess this is a too-fer:  Blues states getting to see first hand that government can't and won't help you when you really need it, and 

Red states get to show some fiscal sanity that voters in blue states will not.

It is just amazing to see the lefties like you miss the key points.