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A little musical fun with the 2012 Presidential field

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    A little musical fun with the 2012 Presidential field

    Funny..this week there is yet another frontrunner in the 2012 Presidential race. This time…the pubs are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with Gingrich. I guess it just goes to show there is no depth the conservative right will not sink to in seeking a replacement for Obama. In light of the fact that the 2012 Presidential race is shaping up to be a long and tortuous event for those who care about politics..I thought it was time to lighten it up a bit. Going on the whole “musical chairs” theme of frontrunners..I thought it would be fun to suggest a theme song for each candidate  that sums them up. These are my suggestions feel free to add your own.

    I Just Want to be Your Everything (Andy Gibb)

    This was the obvious choice for Mitt Romney( although I did consider Karma Chameleon by Culture Club and Poker Face by Lady Gaga).Although this more aptly sums up Mitt’s disastrous 2008 campaign…sometimes the past is hard to forget. Besides not being conservative enough for many Republican, I suspect that one of the reasons Romney has failed to take this as the obvious runaway is plain old trust. Most people, myself included, are no doubt wondering which Mitt they will be voting into office. While I still feel he would be the best person to get the economy back on track…there is more to electing a president. In the end, unless Huntsman pulls of a winter miracle…Romney will probably be the nominee.


    Out of Touch (Hall and Oates)

    This has to be the theme song for Perry. This guy is so out of touch with not only the real world..but also his own views. When you consider where the state of Texas ranks in terms of health care and education..I guess you could also consider Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi..but I digress. Perry came in to the race like a white knight..a savior to a Republican electorate which at the time had Michelle Bachman as it’s frontrunner. Of course, Perry’s campaign is proof positive that reality almost never lives up to hype. The more people heard from Perry..the lower his ratings.

    Lost in your Eyes (Debbie Gibson)

    Yes..I am enough of a geeky 80’s girl to have been a huge fan of Debbie Gibson and still sigh on the inside whenever I hear this song. However, I am willing to sacrifice the fondness I have for this song to say that this is the perfect song for Michelle Bachman. Other than her crazy eyes..there is not much to her and now that she has a new makeup artist…even the eyes aren’t as big a deal as they once were. Now..some might be surprised that I am being so hard and dismissive of the only female candidate since I have some pretty strong feminist views..but I am dismissive of Bachman primarily because of those views. Bachman’s views are so archaic she would women’s equality back 40 years. I am not interested in the least in her politics..although she does have an entertaining way of digging up dirt on her fellow candidates.


    You left me just when I Needed you Most( Randy VanWarmer)

    Obviously..this one goes to Newt Gingrich. No matter how I feel about the overwhelming hypocrisy of his politics..the fact that he divorced a woman who was undergoing her third surgery for breast cancer tells me everything I ever need to know about the content of his character. Of this case Newt is in the company of the 21 percent of men who betray their wives or  partners after they have been diagnosed with breast cancer..Newt is in such company as John Edwards and John Lackey…both real paragons of virtue. In my book..this guy is a first class grade A loser..and the fact that he is even in the running doesn’t speak very well for the Republican base.

    If you don’t know me by now (Simply Red)

    This should be Rick Santorum’s pick. Not much else to add. That’s how irrelevant he is to this election.


    Black or White ( Michael Jackson)

    This one is for Ron Paul. Paul is entertaining in a debate..and sometimes he even says something I can agree with..but his views and statements are too extreme and don’t reflect the way reality works. In’s not always either/ There are as many shades of grey as there are individuals and groups. Ron Paul will never be president of the United States because he fails to recognize that we don’t live in a one size fits all society.

    I get Around (Beach Boys) guessed it. This one is for Herman ..the Caininator. I almost went with The Time of my Life since that is all this clown is doing. Having fun at our expense and trying to boost book sales. He was never a serious candidate…ever. light of all the allegations of sexual harassment..the Beach Boys tune seemed funnier.  I almost went with the super obvious choice of the theme from the Godfather..but I would never disrespect Don Corleone in that manner.( Vito that is..)

    Bridge over Troubled Water ( Simon & Garfunkel)

    This is without doubt the perfect selection for Jon Huntsman. In direct contrast to Gingrich (and many others in the race)..Huntsman is dependable, diplomatic and decent. In fact..I think at the heart of it..he may be the most decent person in the race. Unlike some of his counterparts, he understands commitment..and sticking through the good and bad times.  He and his wife have been married for 28 years .He is strong enough and diplomatic enough to be a great president. I guess his only weakness is that he is genuine and nice..and we all know that nice guys finish last..especially in politics. Sad that genuine and dependable are qualities without much value in politics.

    Do you Know where you’re Going to? (Diana Ross)

    In the interest of being fair and balanced…here’s one that suits President Barack Obama. Since most of his gaffes seem to be geographic in theme…this could be a great choice for him.


    Finally..for the candidate who never was…the person who had absolutely no moral reservations about raising money through her PAC and leading on her followers with empty promises all in an effort to bilk them out of as much money as she could…for her..I suggest Shameless by Billy Joel.


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    Re: A little musical fun with the 2012 Presidential field

    Lame songsTongue Out
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    Re: A little musical fun with the 2012 Presidential field

    Obama :

    I'm a loser
    Nowhere Man

    Wip it