Another scandal?

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    Re: Another scandal?

    If this is true..I actually think it is worse than the NSA scandal...much worse.

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    Re: Another scandal?

    If true it's in line with the IRS manipulation and abuse scandal as well.

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    Re: Another scandal?

    Some details appear to be missing from the Slate article:

    * A DS agent was called off a case against US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman over claims that he solicited prostitutes, including minors.

    Gutman was a big Democratic donor before taking the post, having raised $500,000 for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and helping finance his inaugural.

    * At least seven agents in Clinton’s security detail hired prostitutes while traveling with her in various countries, including Russia and Colombia.

    Read the whole thing.


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    Re: Another scandal?

    Come on no big deal as this is just about sex, Clinton can handle this just like Bill....once again what is the definition of "is"?

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