Campaign first...w/ talking points - Mcsame

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    Campaign first...w/ talking points - Mcsame

    Apparently, the talking points for the debate stunt got sent to the wrong people....

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    Campaign first...w/ talking points - Mcsame

    Could McCain be having a senior moment or is he just too overwhelmed by this crisis to debate?
    Or, is McCain really being dirty and underhanded, trying to pull the wool out from under Barack's feet, when he reached out to him early Wedensday morning in a bi-partisan moment, so together they could show solidarity and release a Joint Statement, however, McCain did not like that idea and decidied to bring politics into an already unsteady situation in an attempt to aid his political career, pretending that it was he who reached out to Barack and not the otherway around! However, that was not good enough, he must one-up him and cancel the campaign all together, the crisis is so great, a sudden change of heart that makes McCain look phony and untrustworthy. That is not putting Country first, but we already know that by his Pallin pick!
    And, of course, the debates should not be cancelled. A President has to be able to multi-task, big time! McCain's cancelling looks more like a senior moment or that he is too overwhelmed and distraught to be albe to explain to the country just what he would do to address this problem.
    McCain the Wizard of Oz now pretends he has a heart, brain and courage! If so, its not working very well. His wall of lies and deceipt are closing in on him and soon there will be no place to hide, not even in the Senate. McCain you can run, you can lie, but you cannot hide.

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    Campaign first...w/ talking points - Mcsame

    Yeah - Nice Try Again!

    Bravo to McCain. One way to get Laz-Y-Boy Obama sitting back and letting the press gain him work-free points off of his Butt. As predicted (ME MYSELF AND I) Obama's first reaction is to do what he does best. Campaign for himself.

    Bush had to step and basically say - Hey Punk, Get Your A$$ to Washington and help solve this problem that you and "YOUR" constituents created! He danced away from McCains 10 (COUNT EM 10) debate challenges. Whats a few more hours?

    Get on a plane PUNK!