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If anything, Santa would have to be a liberal.

Giving away things for free and all. Does that sound like a conservative OR what this message board defines as a classic liberal?

Giving things freely is the sign of a conservative. Using the Government to take by force (or at least the threat of force) from someone else to give as they see fit is the sign of a liberal.


Opposing things is the sign of a conservatism, and they've opposed a lot over the years:  Social Security, medicare, The Voting Rights Act, 13th 14th and 15th amendments, a woman's right to vote, Brown vs Board of Education, The Food and Drug Act, Child Labor laws, workplace safety laws, the 5 day work week.  Obamacare is the latest.

Anyone notice a pattern here?

Yes its a pattern....conservatives want the power of the nation to reside in the STATES not in a powerful central government....UNITED STATES of America....not Nation of America.  The wisdom and brilliance of the constitution dictates that the states know better how to govern their citizens than a powerful federal government that attempts to provide one solution for all people instead of appropriate solutions that make sense to the people they directly effect in each state.  Texas has different needs than NH which has different needs than New Mexico or Idaho.


Except in matters of slavery...or interstate commerce...or voting rights...or air pollution... or providing their citizens with reasonable access to affordable health care.

The concept as you define it inexorably leads to a schism between powerful states and not-so-powerful states...and not much of a union.


Of course the federal government has a just shouldnt try to be all things to all people....and Santa Claus is a conservative still!!!!!  

Merry Xmas Matty....thanks for the spirited debates.  Healthy, happy, prosperous New Year to you and your family!!!!!!!