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What we do know for FACT is the current debt/deficit.  It has gone up and it`s growing every day.


Which doesn't justify distoring why.

Obama's spending really boils down to stimulus, Obamacare costs. Obama's revenue loss boils down to payroll tax cut costs.

Without the two burst bubbles, you wouldn't be calling him "awful", but you refuse to see this .





Kinda like you refuse to see that until the Dems got super majorities (2006) Bush was doing great despite 2 wars...........(oh yeah, I forgot, it was a "bubble").

Going back and forth with someone that can`t see that everything Obama has touched is worse (except the DOW) is futile. 





Ya, right up until he sent Paulson to Congress, hat in hand, with a one page request for unlimited spending with no strings attached.

Kinda like the wingnuts rationalizing jumping off a cliff. "Everything was going well...until that sudden stop at the end."

baby-Bush: "I've Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System"


TARP was wrong then, wrong now, and has greatly damaged our country. But it was a liberal response to the problem, was it not?  throw money at it?


TARP was the capitulation of responsibility in our economy, putting the control squarely at the feet of government.  obama voted for it, ran with it, and has expanded the philosophy by getting government involved in health care based on similar premises, that government is the solution.

Conservatives athe time were up in arms about TARP, and liberals  were cheering it.

Sorry, but thems the facts.



No, not true at all.  The Republican administration pleaded for TARP, and 28 Republican Senators, including the man running for President at the time, voted Yea.

TARP goes against everything the GOP professes to believe.  What does that tell you that in a time of crisis, half your party wouldn't eat its own dog food?




Half of someone's party, not mine.  In fact, it's the half that might as well go join the democrats for all I care.

Republicans are not necessarily conservatives.  Conservatives, in the main, were against TARP.  Some like Ryan, went for it, later regretted it.  That's because he is a politician.  No surprise.

As far as party affiliation, considerthat the three largest recipients, Citigroup, BofA, and AIG, all strong Democrat consituencies.  Heck, His treasury sec nominie, Lew, is a Citigroup guy, Obama took nearly half a million for Bof A, borrowed millions to support his campaign, as did AIG.



But the core of the truth about TARP is not one party against the other, the establishment from both side were for it.  It was not a "republican thing".  Both parties sold out the people to make sure their donors pocket books were kept whole, at our expense. there was no pending disaster.  It was a sham.