Chris Christie on Morning Joe

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    Chris Christie on Morning Joe

    It seems like Chris Christie is becoming a rather regular guest on Morning Joe..and a popular one at that. Even Mika genuinely likes him and really..on a personal level what's not to like? While I may disagree fundamentally with most of Christie's political positions....I continue to have a deep respect for him as a politician and a leader.

    This morning, Christie talked about the bipartisan efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It's important for people to realize that 6 months later there are still many people displaced and there is still an enormous amount of work that needs to be done. Unlike many politicians..there has been no blame and fingerpointing from Christie. He makes no secret that he doesn't much like Obama..or Obama's politics...but he understands that sometimes you have work together even if you don't like the people you are working with. According to Christie, the Obama administration has kept every promise they've made.

    Christie takes a rather pragmatic view of politics and I have to say I find this profoundly refreshing. I hope he runs for President ( maybe not in 2016..but perhaps 2020). To those of  us who have become somewhat jaded by the divisivness in politics these days..people like Christie are a refreshing reminder that some people are in it for the right reasons.

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