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Conservatism takes a shellacking

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    Conservatism takes a shellacking

    Beyond the presidential race,  GOP Senate candidates lost in Indiana, North Dakota (a shock), Wisconsin, Virginia, Arkansas, Mass. and others...

    Tough to spin that as anything but as a massive disaster for Republicans. Making it  very tough to take back the Senate in '14...and giving Obama free rein in picking a liberal Supreme Court justice or two.

    Having been 0 for 32, gay marriage won three ballot initiatives.


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    Re: Conservatism takes a shellacking

    There are 2 races with national attention that are very, very close.  One has been declared I think and the other is still open.

    I believe Bachman has been declared the winner of her district race, even though the vote count has her losing slightly.  I'm sure there will be more to come on that race.

    The other Congressional race with national attention that is too close to call is Allen West's seat.  West has a extremely slight edge. 

    I am hoping, hoping, hoping that these 2 get defeated.