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    Re: DenierGate?

    In Response to Re: DenierGate?:
    In Response to Re: DenierGate? : This thread is about the politics, not the science. WTFDYWN says there is a "Denier-gate" because some politcally-oreinted group is plotting some action against the politics on the other side. That is what these groups do. It is no "denier-gate". That is pure BS. While I have some issue with the scientists spearheading the scientific effort on "warming", the real problem I have is with the politics. Even if I accept their theory as true - I am not saying I do or don't - the solutions proposed are ridiculous and have nothing to do with controlling man's affect on the climate. So why should I buy into that nonsense? It discredits the science completely. If you think there is global warming caused by man, what is the impact? Rising seas, shifting agricultural zones to name some. Why is that the solutions are huge programs limiting CO2 and controlling the energy industry while practical local solutions that can either move people or hold back the sea in some areas are completely ignored?? The answer is they do not give a bleep about a real solution, they just want power and control over energy. When the Co-chairman of the UN committee on climate change (IPCC) says climate change is about wealth redistribution, then I pretty much know why they are not concerned about real solutions to the impact of global warming. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Think about this: What if global warming/climate change is caused by nature with some element of human contribution and all we do is try to implement an unproven and cumbersome solution based on CO2 control? All that time, money and resources will have been wasted while none devoted to something that works, but has no political benefit - dams, levees, etc.etc.
    Posted by Newtster

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