Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin last night introduced herself to the country as a tough-talking small-town "hockey mom" eager to play the traditional running mate's attack role, mocking Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

    What do you think about her speech?

    If she "hit it out of the park," as Republicans and commentators have said, what was the highlight of her successful speech?

    If you didn't like her address, what didn't you like?

    What do you want to hear from her in the future to persuade you to support her or to solidify your backing now?

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. Same Republican mantra of attack your opponent like a 'pit bull', sow fear into the minds of our citizens, and offer little substantive policy on how anything will be different from the eight years we've just suffered through.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    I thought she was great. It was important to be reminded of what Obama really is and to call him out to take responsibility for some of his actions and words.

    She reinvigorated a semi-scattered Republican party, look at the cash that has rolled in since her nomination. She is small town America, remember the folks that Obama insulted earlier this year? “clinging to guns and religion”, who do you think those folks will be able to embrace? A war hero and Palin or Obama and Biden?

    At least this looks like things may be getting interesting.

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Actually, I thought she sounded a little like a Democrat at times, especially when talking about her husband belonging to a union (which Republicans routinely attack and want to dismantle), focusing on special ed (No Child Left Behind--great idea, but how are we going to pay for it?), and balancing life as a working mother (which most social conservatives are not in favor of unless its one of their own).
    She gave a nice speech and had a decent delivery, but I thought there were a few too many times she actually did sound like she was running for President of the PTA. Plus it was more Republican rhetoric.

    I realized after really thinking about that when she was mayor, she ran a city that is smaller than the town I live in. While I love town politics (big fan of town meeting--very entertaining), the elections are really nothing more than popularity contests, or really, voting for who you know.

    But really, none of this is relevant. I'll never vote for her because she is opposed to everything I believe in and in favor of the things I am opposed to.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Palin hits a GRAND SLAM! Not Afraid of BIG BAD community organizer - tee hee - Barak Obama
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Sarah Palin could NOT have delivered her speech in a more comfortable, postive, dramatic fashion....she illustrated that she is not a hayseed from Alaska, but a polished political speaker, who was not awed by the setting.
    I would like to hear more about health care in the future.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    If anyone thinks this lady is a true "hockey Mom" - they need a reality check. Not to mention that if being the Mayor of a town of 7000 people is noteworthy - how do you compare that with someone involved in community service in a city the size of Chicago. Spin, Spin & Spin. Not to mention - all of a sudden - Republicans are champions of the blue collar worker - now that's funny!
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    A well spoken woman vp candidate that relates to small town america - dems must be terrified right now! She has done more that she can point to that would indicate she has been active with her time in office than Obama & Biden combined.

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    As she said ,a pit bull with lipstick.Nothing about the issues facing the American people.Charactor assination is not the change I'm looking for.Sounds like more of Karl Rove,Bush,and Chenney and this country has had it with the trash talk.

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Last night a star was born. She was magnificant and this lady will change the entire political future of our great country.God bless sarah palin!!!
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    The only thing I took away from her speech last night was that she hates Obama and that she loves Republicans. I would be interested to know whether she is always so smug, condescending, and self rightious.
    She also certainly doesn't like the media asking her valid questions about her past and her on her personal views. I hope the media does not back down, as we need to know a lot more about her.
    The reality is that she has tried to ban books from libraries, was for the "bridge to nowhere" before she was against it, was successful in many other pork projects for Alaska, and took on "big oil" only to redistribute profits. She also has a stunning lack of education for someone who aspires to be, in her case, a half an heartbeat from the presidency.
    We need to know a LOT more about Sarah Palin.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Let's see.

    A very negative, inaccurate portrayal of the Democrats, but that's par for the course for the republicans. A well-delivered hatchet-job, nothing more. She's a veryt shallow individual, personally and intellectually, which is why she appeals to conservatives.

    She was kept out of the public eye for two days so that she could be properly primped and taught to read off a teleprompter. I doubt she wrote one single word of that speech, except maybe for the pit bull line.

    Compared to the other speakers, she was best in show at the GOP national dog show. Not surprising, given her pagaent experience. Remember, the canine reference was hers, not mine.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    The woman is a religous zealot. She said so herself when she explained that this stupid, pointless war is a "mission from God?!?" What God? Your God?

    Dont believe me, Check it out yourself: http://news.aol.com/political-machine/2008/09/02/sarah-palin-iraq-war-gods-plan/

    Also, not sure what you all are talking about regarding her speech? The speech last night was ok, not great. She could have said anything, and that crowd would have applauded her.

    Just my two cents!
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Palin hit it out of the park!

    As a former Hillary now McCain supporter I was concerned about the choice of the relatively unknown Alaska Governor and the Democratic back chatter and attacks had me concerned, but no more. She was eloquent, personal and human. She connected with the base as a given, she connected with the lunch bucket hard working crowd, she connected with working women and showed that there are no limits, she even co-opted the Dems human services niche with her statement that special needs individuals have a friend in the White House. She blew the experience issue out of the water by comparing her experience to Obama's weak community activist roll, state senate and 1 year in US Senate before deciding he was ready to run for President. She is a proven reformer, nonconformist republican and represents the new GOP as opposed to Obama who writes great books, but no legislation and who has a history of action as opposed to Obama's 100 plus votes as only present.

    She didn't even need to discuss Biden, although she clearly pointed out as a small town mayor she got more votes than Biden did for president. Delaware and Alaska have similar populations and Biden is one of two Senators while Palin has an 80% approval rating as Governor, the Cheif Executive of the State.

    I can't want for the VP debate, she's articulate, bright, can speak on her feet (the Hockey Mom pit bull joke, wasn't on the teleprompter) and she can spend a few weeks being briefed on foreign policy in order to hold her own with Biden on foreign policy issues. On the economy she's balanced a budget and returned the states budget to the black from red, something Biden's never done.

    I like this new brand of GOP leader, Romney is most likely crushed that this VP may keep Romney away from running for 16 years.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Red meat for sure, but not for the Republicans as you may think, the red meat was served up nicely on a plate for the democrats consumption and here's a few reasons why:

    1) She said she got more votes as mayor of her small town than Joe Biden got running for President of The United states, She didn't

    2) She dissed community organizers as basically "do nothing people" : Proves how republicans are out of touch with common people

    3) Very telling that she said " once he makes the waters recede and he repairs the earth, what then": Verifies that she truly believes Global Warming is not man made and not and issue

    4) Republican Terry Holt, referring to Palin stated on CNN: "We finally got our star power" ...
    Humm, didn't the Republicans spend an ungodly amount of money advertising the fact that Omaba is nothing more than a Celebrity like Paris Hlton and Brittney Spears and once again in their actions they prove they are trying to come across just like him!!! The same way the McCain message has magically become "change", just like the Bush administration is now talking to Iran, just like McCain picks a person of no experience after pelting the air waves trying against hope to convince the world that experience matters.

    If you listen to these guys (republicans), really listen it's quite incredible what you hear. Yesterday in an interview with ABC McCain, responding to a question about Palin's knowledge of foriegn policy , McCain said this (I kid you not): " She knows that Alaska is close to Russia, she knows that".... BOIINNGGG that"s the sound of my head spinning!

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    Sarah Palin absolutely hit it out of the park last night. Most people thought Hillary Clinton would become the first woman to become President of the Untied States some day. That just changed last night. Sometime in the next ten years we will be calling Sarah Palin, Madam President.

    She was amazing. She's stronger than Obama will ever be. She's far more pleasant than Hillary and she has what Obama doesn't, a record of accomplishments.

    Even Biden this morning couldn't deny that she was great. I admit that I wasn't happy at first with her selection but after last night I'm convinced that she is the best of all three in this campaign.

    McCain has a tough act to follow tonight.

    If she speaks as well in press conferences and in debates, which I bet she will, Obama/Biden are going to be in a lot of trouble.

    Palin is brilliant. I love her. I'm sold.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    She is a forceful, charismatic woman and an amazing speaker. Too bad she didn't have anything to say and did nothing but take cheap shots at her opponent and skim over the eight years of disastrous %#$&--ups that her beloved party has left us with. You'd think hearing her talk that the Republicans haven't been in the White House for eight years, that we didn't have a trillion-dollar deficit, that rich people haven't continued to get richer while working people struggle more and more. Her experience makes Obama look like King Solomon--as Peggy Noonan pointed out yesterday, it was a cynical, gimmicky choice with no substance behind it.
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

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    9/4/2008 8:00:12 AM
    As my grandmother used to say, God rest her, you can dress a mule up in horse tack, but it's still a mule.
    she is right, obama is a unexperienced community org. not an exc chief
    These are the same people that have lied us into an unnecessary war,
    unnessecary? and we do what? let the teliban regroup?
    have left us on the point of bankruptcy, took a surplus
    bill turned reagans surplus to a deficit
    and turned it into a staggering deficit, did nothing while jobs went overseas, gave tax breaks to the wealthiest among us,
    wealthiest being biz ....dems WILL tax the people always have and always will...
    did nothing when billions went missing in Iraq, instituted domestic spying, outted a covert CIA agent, let the city of New Orleans drown,
    the dem mayor of N.O. is who refused fed help a week before katrina..get the facts right.
    did nothing about global warming,
    nothing? ok...
    assaulted the environment,
    youre just adding B.S. now
    slashed budgets at our national parks,
    again B.S.
    and have nominated a vice president who is even more of an embarrassment than Bush-- hard as that is to believe-- in her bizarre, anti-American beliefs.
    YOU ARE INTITLED TO YOUR OPINION...however anti american? wow....
    It takes more than a pretty face reading from a teleprompter
    shes been a chief exec for 12 years more than both the kings of teleprompters on the other ticket
    to let the fox back into the hen house for four more years-- throw the bums out!
    WOW one thing we agree on...throw the DEM senate OUT!!
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    The Liberal media and Democratic elite (a redundancy I know) are terrified of this woman...and rightfully so. She gave a terrific speech last night. One advantage she and other Republicans have over the Dems: She can get up at the podium and say EXACTLY what she believes. A Democrat can't do that. A Dem would never stand up and say "I'm for higher taxes, bigger government, advancement by racial quota and not merit, weaker military etc.). They use code words like 'we'll INVEST in America. This is code for RAISE TAXES until your eyes bleed.

    My guess is you'll be hearing more about her, especially after she and McCain are elected. We'll see!
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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    People are confused - Here is the difference between Democrats and Republicans:
    Democrats are NOT tax and spend - Democrats simply pay for the services provided with money from TODAY. They do NOT build up deficits - They do NOT put this country into a hole - they are simply RESPONSIBLE - pay for today what you do today
    Republicans simply build up big government - but put it on a CHARGE account. So - everyone is simply fooled - taxes go DOWN on those with the largest payday, so they claim to be tax cutters. They take care of their own - big business, big lobbyists - and put our country in debt.

    Democrats try to point out the obvious
    Republicans simply make statements that aren't true and say it enough so that people believe it
    For example, look at all the signs from last night that stated PROSPERITY!! Really - who is prospering!! Big business - but not the middle class....But, if they say it enough - people will believe it. Another - Tax and Spend democrats - look at the Clinton years where they paid the deficit off that Regan had left them - - middle class DID prosper. But - if they say it enough - people will believe them.

    Democrats - pointed out the stark differences - but tried to be respectful to McCain.
    Republicans - dirt, sarcasm, degrading speaches - they fight dirty - play in the mud and people love it

    Lastly - if Barak Obama has less experience than Palin in governing - then they fail to point out that she also has more experience than McCain - - does anyone believe this!!! No - but if they keep saying it enough - it will stick....

    Its ugly politics and - unfortunately - we have too many people who fall into the trap.....

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    And the claim that she got more votes running for mayor of Wasilla than Biden did for President is a flat-out lie. And that's even AFTER Biden had officially dropped out of the year. But hey--why bother sticking with the truth? Right now the truth for the Republican Party ain't looking so pretty.

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    Did you like Sarah Palin's convention speech?

    A hockey mom as inspiration? This is someone I've tried to avoid ever being ... sure, a hero is great, but come on, we use this term to describe everyone from Brad Pitt to sports figures. No thanks to this as well. Who do we want/need to actually LEAD? Hmmmm, how about a touted LEADER?