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Yesterday morning on the news, I heard part of the 911 call that I had not heard before, which was supposedly released. In it , Zimmerman sounds pretty pissed and angry. Could this be part of the reason that the prosecutor went for 2nd degree murder?..that he wasn't just pursuing Treyvon..but he was angry.
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We are not privy to all the evidence Angela Corey was when she made her decision to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder.

There has been a lot of speculation by lawyers and lay people why she went all the way to second degree murder. Some feel she charged that high to force a plea bargain. That prosecutors always charge the highest they can. Others, who have listened to the last 45 seconds of the tape have concluded that Zimmerman essentially executed Martin at the end.

I have provided a link so you can read the charging document in this case. You can also very easily look up the Florida law that applies here.