Fellow "PMD" Sycophants Try to "Rationalize" the IRRATIONAL!

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    Re: Fellow

    In response to jedwardnicky's comment:

    In response to Sheeple-Nation's comment:


    First, to set the record straight, I'm not the guy who was allegedly hammering WCVB or whoever. But, I'm 100% behind him. BRAVO!!!!

    Now, to the heart of the issue.

    And now, topoint out the obvious. The controllers at BDC couldn't allow real questions to be asked because the answers were obvious to all.

    So, they once again deleted all  my comment, even my original post. But they don't delete weak rebuttals. That's like 10 guys holding you down while everyone in the gang kicks and punches you.


    Real FU**ing heroic, cowards..



    All to defend a woman who refuses to answer a simple question. Maybe they'll take the forum completely down rather than allow an answer to the obvious.





    Nice choice. 

    Humorous that the General is not fully aware he was never thought to be the poster related to the WCVB talk. Also, he is fully behind him without knowing a single thing about it.

    As another poster said, he lost all credibility years ago...after the 9/11 it was a fake threads. 

    jed, I do not want this to be the summer of the General any more than you do. Hoping for an epiphany. 

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    Re: Fellow

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    Think for yourself, question authority.