Flippity Flop

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    Re: Flippity Flop

    In response to GreginMeffa's comment:

    What the left will have you believe, is that republicans pushed DOMA.


    Whitehouse lawyers WROTE the operative section 3.  WROTE IT!

    It was a CAMPAIGN PROMISE that Bill Clinton delivered.

    There is no need for SCOTUS to rule HIS law unconstitutional.  Congress can repeal it with no song and dance.  Dems own the Senate.  Lets count the bills from the great supporters of gay rights, shall we?

    . . .

    That didn't take long.



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    Re: Flippity Flop

    A lot of people's attitude on this topic have evolved in the past 17 years.  Even a few republicans. 


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    Re: Flippity Flop



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    Re: Flippity Flop

    I think that the idea of calling someone who changed their position on an issue over the course of 17 years a flip flopper is really stretching the definition of a flip-flopper.  The world as certainly changed in it's attiudes over the past 10 years..never mind 17 years. I know I feel differently about issues like 'gay rights" than I did even 10 years ago. That is not flip flopping. Flip -flopping..to me..is changing your position on an issue back and forth..depending on your audience of the day, week or month.