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General thread for Obama's inauguration

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    [Quote]I am going to enjoy every moment of a hard worked for victory and now transition to power.

    After reading Mac's lie-filled and two-faced post, I am forced to call BS on Mac once again. Its hard to swallow such hypocritical swill when he and others here spit out the most acid filled screeds at now President Obama.

    Im sorry for you mac but your history betrays your attempt to lighten your hateful rheoteric. I hope your hate and hubris do eactly the opposite of the failure you wish for.

    One day you might find the intelligence to balance your hate and the idea that this country needs a consensus.......your side has been repudiated but Obama (even to my chagrin) reaches out anyway knowing what I find diffiult to accept but have to realize.

    When will you conservatives learn to put ignorance aside for the country's sake.

    Finally: the lie about the WH vandalization is Rovian BS and fluffery you accept foolishly.



    One day I just wish you would get off of the good ship USS Liberal floating down denile and take a good look around at reality.

    One simple point ignoring all the other purported BS by you. The Clinton team did vandalize the WH before Bush took office. I know there was the story in May 2001 that said it never happened, but it did according to the GAO report issued later as reported in the NYTimes below:

    White House Vandalized In Transition, G.A.O. Finds

    Published: June 12, 2002

    The General Accounting Office, an investigative arm of Congress, said today that ''damage, theft, vandalism and pranks did occur in the White House complex'' in the presidential transition from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush. The agency put the cost at $13,000 to $14,000, including $4,850 to replace computer keyboards, many with damaged or missing W keys.
    Some of the damage, it said, was clearly intentional. Glue was smeared on desk drawers. Messages disparaging President Bush were left on signs and in telephone voice mail. A few of the messages used profane or obscene language.
    find me some shred of evidence that disputes this. Motherjones and dailykos don't count.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    No, LWhitt, the destruction of this country has not been a bipartisan matter. The GOP had all 3 branches of government during the bulk of the looting. The GOP lied this country into war, with much help from its mouthpiece, the conservative media. That there are Democrats who have been complicit is not in dispute. But the policy was crafted and implemented by the right, and opposed by most of us on the left. Bush and Cheney were heroes of the right, as were Rove, DeLay and the rest of that cabal.. The GOP ran this country, and ran it into the ground.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    I love how you twits on the Right try to paint him as far left idealogue, yet you fail to notice that everything he has said and done has been pretty centrist... bringing Republicans into the administration and taking centrist stances on domestic and foreign policy.

    What will you do if he is successful at cleaning up the mess Bush has handed him? Probably the same thing you did to Clinton after he cleaned up the mess Reagan and Bush 1 left him...
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    Some one who speaks the truth, finally on this string.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    I look forward to treating the new guy just as well as all my liberal friends treated W.
    [/Quote] First of all, I doubt you have any liberal friends. Secondly, I thought everyone initially treated W with respect even though the election had some "irregularities". When W said he wanted to be the "Great Uniter", I think most people took him at his word. It wasn't until he was late in responding to the tanking economy in his first year of his presidency did I begin to have reservations. I think "liberals" really got concerned when the war drums started beating for iraq. The concerns grew as the so-called evidence for war became more and more questionable. He actaully convinced me that we needed to go to war during his speech in which he stated the Iraqi's had been in Africa trying to get "yellow cake". When it turned out that Bush knew the "yellow Cake" stoy was a bunch of BS, my concerns turned to outright disdain.

    If Obama pushes the country into war on trumped up charges, displays complete ineptitude in managing the country, you can bet that he will also earn my disdain.

    But until then, I will enjoy the fact that we have a President who is truly intelligent. A President who wasn't born to wealth and priviledge. A Presidnt who went into public service when he could have made millions in private business as opposed to a President who chose to serve in the national guard to avoid serving in Vietnam. We have a President who is self made and who embodies the dream of America. A President who will be much harder to hoodwink that good ol' W. We have a President who has not had the luxury of a wealthy father and wealthy friends to bail him out of mistake after mistake.

    We have a President who is Presidential. Finally.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    Ahhh, the dawning of a new day at last. I may have to change my moniker now. For the 1st time in 8 years, I'm not so crabby any more!
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    Never did I ever dream that in my lifetime I would live to see Dr. Martin King's dream come true. A black man judged by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin!

    God Bless America!

    Wow - blinders are still on, huh? You seriously think his character was what got him there? Ask most black people why they voted for him, and they cannot give any tangible reason. It's because he represents "change". WHAT change, you might ask? They cannot answer.

    I only wish that Dr. King's dream had come true. But I think more people voted for Obama because of the color of his skin...his character and those he has associated with in the past leaves a lot to be desired.

    If people voted for his skin color, then Jesse Jackson would have won the Presidency long ago.

    I'll tell the change that I saw. I saw a person who was extremely intelligent. I saw a person who wanted to be President because of the changes that he wanted to bring as opposed to wanting to be President just to be President. I saw a man who would be able to cut through fog and see the truth. I saw a man whose judgement I could trust. I saw a man who undertood the importance of putting good people in the right positions.

    Obama is the type of person that I would want to work for. I've had good bosses and bad bosses, and Obama reminds me alot of the best boss I have ever had.

    Is the Obama I think I see and the real Obama the same person? Maybe, Maybe not. Only time will tell. But so far so good.

    And his skin color - that's just a bonus. It told me that enough people were able to see beyond color.

    And the liberals didn't get Obama elected. They always vote for the democrat. It was the middle of the road people. It was the moderates that put Obama into the White House.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    I've seen this written hundreds of times on blogs and can honestly say that I've never posted it myself until now, but if you really want to know why Obama was elected...... IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!!!

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    Is this the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald?

    It's getting hard to tell these days.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    [Quote]Electing Obama to "fix the country" is like setting a car on fire because it has a flat tire.

    Bad move, stupid move, disastrous move. The best we can hope for is to limit the damage by resisting Obama as much as possible.[/Quote]

    Heh. So can we call you an anti-American commie terrorist sympathizer, since you hate our government and leader so much?

    If the shoe fits...find a leader to throw it at....
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    LWhitt and Butch - interesting accusations. Can those of us in the reality-based community assume that you have some factual basis for those statements? Or is it just a bit of bizarre neocon paranoid fantasy, along with the "commie/terrorist/boogeyman under the bed" stuff?
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    My thoughts are the same everytime we have a new President. You wish them well, and see what happens.
    Am I proud of the country? When was I not? If you are just now proud of this country, you better do some soul searching.
    I am as excited as I am with each President. Wether or not you like the person should not matter, always respect the office.
    I voted for McCain, but I am not worried about the future, this is what makes this country so great, we always find a way.

    If this is your first time being excited, I feel bad for you, this is how I always feel about the President, no matter what.


    Out of all these responses, finally one that I can relate to. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration


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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    The bottom line here is Obama will fail because he isn't smart enough to be President and everyone knows it. Please do you really think this man is as smart and thoughtful as everyone makes him out to be. He is just a puppet (like Bush) for the Democrats and they used him to pefection. He will do what he is told when he is told (yes master) or he'll be run out of office. The only way this country rises up from the economic mess we're in is if we stop creating debt and start actually inventing products that the rest of the world wants or needs. The money/wealth is no longer in this country it is sitting in Saudi Arabia with the oil they love to taunt us with until we become energy independant we will continue to struggle on the economic front.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    "When will you conservatives learn to put ignorance aside for the country's sake."

    i couldn't have said it better myself, except i'd replace 'conservatives' with 'liberals'. the liberals take their lead from a group of people who 'pretend' for a living, i.e., the Hollywood types. i'd rather align myself with people who have actual skills and thoughts of their own.

    let's face it, this country needs to split into two pieces. let the Hollywood and Kumbyya types go their way, and the thinkers go theirs. i have no doubt in a few years, the left side will be begging for help from the right side. after all, someone has to actually work/produce for a country to succeed, true?
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    I love the smell of petty, vanquished, spiteful Massachusetts racism in the afternoon.

    You bigots shame the founders of this Commonwealth and every principle it was formed upon.

    Grow up.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    On the african-american thing. Who cares?? Really. This isn't 1960. America has been ready for a black President for a very long time. Nobody cares what color our President is, we only care that he or she be qualified and committed to us. I think this focus on his skin color only divides us...Obama is not an African American anymore than you are a Cambridge American...we are all simply AMERICANS. Labeling everybody by their religion or skin color only perpetuates the divisions between people. Obama is not a black President to me, he's an American President, he's not an African American, he's simply an American. People need to really get over the black thing and become more color blind.

    mac, you seem to have a great deal of difficulty putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Obama's skin color means nothing to me either. That doesn't mean that it doesn't to tens of millions of other DOES, that's the whole point. And it is quite presumptuous to contend that because it doesn't mean anything to us white people, it SHOULDN'T mean anything to anyone else.

    I wonder, if at this moment, the Bush Administration is stealing the "O's" off of all of the computers in the West Wing and vandalizing the place like the dems did when they left office 8 years ago.

    Curiously, that never happened when the Clinton team left the White House. All the "W"s were intact. The story spread like so many other urban legends because people are gullible and will believe anything they see on the internet.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    This is all too much fun. The liberals who keep Massachusetts as being the state with the most felony convictions in its legislature year after year, calling Obama, the messiah and somehow thinking him hiring half of clintons former staff , and dont even speak about his wife. having his treasury pick go down in scandal already. you all complained that bush and cheney helped thier friends. Course Barack didnt do that with his chief of staff pick now did he? Presient obama yesterday said it will "take years to get this country back on track." great he hadnt even started yet and hes already giving you extene estimates based on nothing.
    and then we have the limbaugh crowd- nutjobs down the line. puh lease GWB was a patsy and you know it. SUre he wsnt as dumb as people think, but he didnt exactly save the world either. get over it. We have a hoolywood president, but it doesnt matter, this is just the sameold same old,
    None of you make any logical sense. the man wont turn water into wine, and he wont end the world either. Hes just another politician, well except that hes african american.

    SO we dont celebrate hope and a good man becoeming president, nope according to everyone they inteview the only importantthink about Barack Obama is his race.
    Pretty sad dont you think.
    Oh byte way im a realist.
    Democrats belive in spending eveyones money, republicans belive in big business, and thats the bottom line.
    Me, i beleive politicians are all scum, feeding off the public, make em work for a living.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    All right everyone you had your orgasim now get bak to work.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    The time is now to stand up and take charge for this great nation. We have been sitting idle like lame ducks hoping for bread to be thrown in our part of the pond. Lets move steadily with a head full of determination in order to achieve our full potential as one of the world's super powers.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    I have been reading this line for a while now and I am truly amused. I have read these blogs for the last 8 years, many opf the posters here I recognize. For some reason many of them are all about coming together, forgetting petty differences and moving forward to "save" our country. How now that the election is over, we need to come together and be Americans first and partisans second. Conservatives should accept defeat and do everything they can to get Obama's mandate done.

    These same posters have spent the last 8 years calling for impeachment, telling me what an idiot and ignorant fool i am, how they would rather die than admit Bush could read. How our president was a moron, a monkey, Hitler reincarnate, evil, vile, a gangster, too stupid to tie his shoes and a war criminal, a tool of the Oil companies and above all a liar.

    Is that the sense of bipartisanship you are calling for? Just because Obama won the election does not change the fact that we still know nothing of how he will govern. So go ahead and enjoy your moment, the real work starts now that he cannot vote "present" on every potentially divisive issue. I pray for America to succeed, if Obama is along for the ride, fine, but if he tries to derail the train, I will not go along quietly in the name of "bipartisanship".

    And lwhitt58, the Bush administration tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie five times between 2001 and 2005, every attempt was blocked by the Democrats on the finance committe lead primarily by Dodd and our own Barney Frank, who told us right up until the two failed that they were financially sound with enough reserves to weather ANY financial crisis.

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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    stevehud your on the money now if the rest of the world could think
    rationally like me and you.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    [Quote]I am forced to watch because I teach in a MA school that is making it mandated viewing. I can only pretend to be happy, though. We have already seen his leaning to rule from the left, and his unabashed freedom at using executive orders to bypass the Congress. I am also disturbed by the circus atmosphere. We are in a recession, yet he hires Hollywood stars and top selling music artists to begin the party two days before the actual inauguration. The fact that he is so joined at the hip with Hollywood and spending more than ever before on inauguration during this recession shows how far out of touch he is with the American people. I wish him luck, but his proposed tax increases on families making over 80k and his inordinate number of handouts to the masses will not help America. Today is the beginning of a period when America learns just how much worse things can actually get.[/Quote]

    To those old farts and miscreants intimidated by "Hollywood" and the beautiful people, by youth and charisma, crawl back in your lairs and bore your wives with your whining and faux macho posturing. You're too dumb to know you've been raped for years and your only hope for fixing your plight is through some form of watered down socialism. Consider it charity form your intellectual superiors and just be grateful you'll be receiving it despite your whimpering. Admit it, you're all worse of by far than you were when the masochistic relationship began with Bush 8 years ago. Look in the mirror and be honest, for a change.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    Congratulations and excellent Best Wishes to our new President, his family and his administration.

    The Audacity of Hope! is no mere slogan.

    I am proud of America's choice, hopeful for engaged, intelligent leadership and ethical conduct.
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    General thread for Obama's inauguration

    We'll give him some time to fix things, but I'm not hopeful. He's spent most of the last couple weeks back peddling from his campaign promises. All candidates stretch the truth (i.e. lie), but most aren't stupid enough to admit before getting to office they can't acccomplish what they promised.