Good article on states and secession

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    Re: Good article on states and secession

    In response to DirtyWaterLover's comment:

    Texas has their act together.  Really?

    Texas ranks second in teenagers giving birth - 2nd to Mississippi. 

    Texas ranks at the bottom in SAT scores.

    Texas ranks 30th in life expectancy - Cali ranks 3rd.

    30% of the Population in Texas is considered Obese, compared to 24% in Cali.  In Mass, it's 22%.

    Texas has a median family income of $58K.  In Cali, it's $65.5K.  And Mass, it's $80K.

    And Texas is a net recipient of Federal Tax/Spending.  I wonder how much lower Texas will fall when that aren't being subsidized by people living in places like Massachusetts.

    Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas... let them go and then we can build that fence along the boundary to keep them out.

    If those states seceded, the tax rate for the rest of us would drop.

    Texas is in the black, w/ low personal income taxes can pay their own freight which California, NY and Illinois cannot.

    The top wage earners fleeing California.

    Texas run by Republicans the other three by Democrats.

    Funny how that works.

    Wherever the Democrat parasites run the government you face bankruptcy.