Good luck Mayor Menino

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    Re: Good luck Mayor Menino

    No back tracking here.  I wanted to add a comment without bumping up the thread.  I figured you were checking.

    I got you to admit that tom has no juridication in the seaport area.  In all the years I have been in the area, I have seen the Boston Police there on two occassions.  During the DNC when I also saw the CT troopers, and when the TW closed due to the falling roof.  Both times the BPD were on the Moakley bridge side of B street.

    to show you how well I know the area, every afternoon the state police set up on Northern ave between the seaport hotel and Mortons.  Every morning and afternoon, the Massport Police are on Congress Street in back of the seaport hotel at the cross walk.  The staties will be inside the cruiser and the massport police will be standing near the crosswalk.

    The MBTA police go wherever the t goes.  Not sure why the BU police are in the area but I see them more then I do Boston or the T cops.

    Just one name here on this site, I know you have at least two in the last several weeks.

    And Tom can use all the pr he wants, the final say in the area goes to Massport, especially from B street thru the Marine Inustrial Park. 

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