Good morning Jmel et al!

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    Re: Good morning Jmel et al!

    In response to 12-Angry-Men's comment:

    Only a fvcking moron wanders around muttering "same as it ever was" after their candidate loses the presidential election.

    The election that they spent billions of dollars to win.

    The election that was supposed to be a clear-cut choice for the country.

    Well ya fvcking imbeciles, the country has spoken and the verdict is that they have rejected your direction for the country.


    I mean seriously, how much of a fvcking petulant idiot do you have to be to act so ignorant.

    Typical ideological ignorance of the whacko wingnuts.


    Funny as heck!!!


    And the earth is flat and cotton candy is a diet food.


    That was pretty funny. I'm loving the wingnut sore losers:)......