In response to DirtyWaterLover's comment:

Comparing Pakistan to Iraq!!!!

we invaded Iraq for no reason what so ever.  We outlawed all of the bureaucrats - you know, the guys that knw how to keep the lighs on.  And then we disband the military with out being able to collect their weapons.  In essence, we needlessly invaded a country, turn the army into well armed insurgents, and then give them organizational support.  Perfect strategy.

pakisan, on the other hand, is the base of operations for insurgents killing US soldiers.

surely even the wing nuts can see the difference between needlessly invading a country and trying to protect US Soldiers.  Because the alternatives to the drone attacks is to either leave Afhganistan now or an incursion into Pakistan with boots on the ground.


Seriously you guys are dumber than rocks. 

Hint: comparing civilian deaths to civilian deaths. Nothing more..nothing less. You guys need want to make this about something else....just plain wrong.