GOP and Trust

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    Re: GOP and Trust

    Who's Dick Chenny?

    Debt doesn't matter if it is borrowing to smooth out the tax collection over the year.  Taking on debt for most infrastructure also doesn't matter up to a point.

    Taking on 40% budgetary to pay for food stamps and other personal entitlements is financially stupid.  It is paying an existing obligation by spreading the cost voer, say, ten years.  Oh, and it is added to constantly, making that borrow/debt/entitlement stream the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine you will ever see.

    Debt added for these types of things will be with us for a long time with no common benefit.
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    Re: GOP and Trust

    I skeeterdunce and gregypoo are still at here.... correction Dick Cheney said   "The Debt Doesn't Matter, Reagan Proved That"

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    Re: GOP and Trust

     Anyone else feel like they're watching a tennis match?

     I've been doing something most of you won't even bother doing: going over both platforms. Know what I find?

     Good things on both sides and bad things on both sides, as is usually the case. I base my vote mostly on what I find in the platforms, as should everyone. We all pay way too much attention to the news and the news doesn't always tell you everything.

     One thing I've noticed, however, that is very much worth pointing out, is the outright lies and deceit coming from the dems.

     'Dems need to hammer Ryan fast and prove clearly that he is a liar because he is a very skilled pol' - Howard Fineman for the Huffington Post.

     Debbie Wasserman Schultz used a L A Times article to claim that Romney is responsible for the abortion plank on the GOP platform. When Anderson Cooper (CNN) confronted her with the fact that the Times article was actually the exact opposite of what was sited, Schultz replied with, and I quote:
     Anderson, it doesn't matter.

     If the dems are left with nothing other than telling lies and calling names to keep Obama in the White House then I must ask any of you to answer why they are any better than Romney, who's party is being accused of doing the same things by some here on this forum?
     And I would remind all of you that if the pres lies, it's grounds for impechment.