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    Re: Hey MR President...

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:

    You people sure seem to enjoy having conversations with yourselves.

    I don't often post on this forum though I initially registered on it quite a while ago.  For some peculiar reason the right wingers continually criticize the president but there isn't even the slightest substance to anything they have to say. Back in 2007, 2008 they were defending Bush even though his presidency was a total failure. In fact, he used TWO teleprompters in his speeches just like Reagan and Palin  did without the lsightest criticism from these same critics.


    Today, Obama has created the highest corporate  profits since the year 1900 - something not one single Republican ever came close to doing in the modern era.  So far, there has not been even an iota of praise for that success.

    These continued attacks are part of a pattern I have seen in websites throughout the entire country.  Many websites are owned by the Fox network or affiliated companies.  They employ people to make all kinds of insults against Democrats and to give the highest praises for Republicans even though they are totally unmerited.  Then these same right wing critics will make personal attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with them.  Eventually what happens is that the newspaper or other host of the forum closes it down.  This while Fox owned forums with their biased moderating policies remain open. In this way the Fox affiliated companies succeed in quelling any form of intelligent exchanges of ideas while their hate filled right wing rants go unabated.   Do not be surprised if this forum is ultimately shut down.  That is precisely what the extreme right wing is looking for.

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