Bobby Jindal Gov. Of Loiusiana appeared on Msnbc's "Morning Joe" television show and talked about how President Obummer seems to be running against former president bush 8 years too late and that the economy is not better than it was when Obummer took office.  Obummer cant run on his presidential record, He himself when he took office that if he didnt turn around the economy in 3 years he would be a one term president. President obummer is offering the same old policies and now trying to divide us on class lines, Race lines, gender lines, on any lines to get himself re-elected. Obummer will stop at nothing to turn america into his version of europe. 

On a side note Rachel Maddow and Bill maher claim there not partisan but cant name one Republican they agree with, and at a speech in tampa Obummer tripped on the people hes been stepping on. O and one more thing. If you all didnt know today is lizzy warren's b-day, and the GOP has sent her a complimetary membership for Lol