How many IRS agents has the admin hired the last 3 years?

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    How many IRS agents has the admin hired the last 3 years?

    The scandal with targeting opposition and we are expected to trust them to "enforce" the HCR law??

    That's ridiculous!!


    The Internal Revenue Service’s scandalous targeting of Tea Party-themed and other conservative groups could severely damage President Obama – but it’s not necessarily because anyone close to the White House sanctioned the allegedly independent actions by the tax collection agency.

    In fact, the president was quick on Monday to condemn the actions exposed in an inspector general's report being released later this week.

    The real fallout could be that it will impede Obamacare, which passed in 2010 under the official title of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    The IRS will largely administer this attempt at providing near-universal health insurance. It is responsible for overseeing the tax credits and tax increases in the law, and—most critically—ensuring that businesses and individuals comply with the individual mandate and other major provisions.

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