Is Obama following the Road to Serfdom model?

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    Re: Is Obama following the Road to Serfdom model?

    In response to WhichOnesPink2's comment:

    In response to skeeter20's comment:

    Yikes! government forcing everyone to BUY insurance is government control, no matter how you sugar coat it.  

    Glad insurance companies can still set the co-pay (eye roll).  That's gonna make such a difference.

    Let me sum it up this way:  you are comfortable with government running your life, telling you how to spend your money, whether or not you should have healht care, what that healthcare entails.  bailing out heavily unionized companies that fail, and having the government promote HIGHER energy prices.  Oh, and blocking?  How about blocking the pipeline from Canada?  There's one example.

    You are for government solutions:  government is your god, your concience, your guide.  

    It's not mine.



    Hahaha...psst...I've had health insurance through my employer since 1991. So make no mistake about it...govt isn't making me obtain health insurance. I have CHOSEN to obtain health insurance for past 21 years and will continue to do so for next 20 years.

    Let's see...I CHOOSE to drive a pickup truck. Pretty sure govt didn't tell me to spend my money on a pickup truck. 

    Oh and what copays insurer offers actually has an impact on YOUR overall premium that you pay to have health insurance. So yeah, it actually DOES make a difference. 

Same with me.  Insurance through your employer is compensation, you know, and under the ADA, you will likely pay for it with post tax dollars out of your own pocket. but, I think you have a funded mental misunderstanding about the free market.  there is no free market now, because you can no longer CHOOSE to have health insurance.  You MUST have health insurance. It is against the law not to have it.

As far as your truck, sure, you chose to buy a certain truck.  Did you have a choice to buy it without airbags?  


Am I saying air bags are bad? No. Am I saying government mandating is lessens our freedoms. Of course it does, that's undeniable.

Look, you are clearly comfortable with the government telling you what you must buy, Getting into your life, running your life.  I'm not. None of the government's business.

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    Re: Is Obama following the Road to Serfdom model?

    Skeeter is an anarchist except on social policy issues where he is an avowed statist.  To him, government is evil unless he gets to use it to impose his truth on others then it is a positive good.  Rights are good to him but only if he gets to define them. Hypocrisy is his middle name.

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