23,000 now expected to lose jobs after shuttle retirement

The local economic forecast tied to President Barack Obama's proposed NASA budget keeps growing bleaker.

Revised projections now show that about 23,000 workers at and around Kennedy Space Center will lose their jobs because of the shuttles' retirement and the new proposal to cancel the development of new rockets and spacecraft.

That sum includes 9,000 "direct" space jobs and -- conservatively speaking -- 14,000 "indirect" jobs at hotels, restaurants, retail stores and others that depend on activity at the space center, said Lisa Rice, Brevard Workforce president.

The organization's earlier estimate of 7,000 direct jobs reflected just the retirement of the shuttle program. The updated numbers also include the cancellation of Project Constellation and other initiatives as outlined in the president's 2011 budget, Rice said.

Change you can believe in.

Of course those private companies Obama expects to take up the slack for space exploration will be ready any day now. In about ten years. Maybe.

But to be fair Obama is going to put $6 billion into NASA. Unfortunately it will be to carry out NASA's prime function ... to fight global warming.

Or perhaps some of that money will go to this.

NASA plans more outreach to Muslim countries 

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden said Tuesday that President Barack Obama has asked him to “find ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries” as the White House pushes the space agency to become a tool of international diplomacy.

So it's a diplomatic agency now. I wonder if Hillary knows she has a new diplomatic tool at her disposal with this (apparently) new addition to the State Dept?