Jeffers; Perry's Rev Wright?

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    Jeffers; Perry's Rev Wright?

    Yes he is.

    Baptist Pastor Defends 'Cult' Description of Mormonism, Still Backs Romney Over Obama

    Published October 09, 2011


    As Romney faces new questions about his Mormon faith, the pastor of a Baptist church who called the former Massachusetts governor's religion a "cult" said Sunday that if it came down to it, he'd still choose Romney over the current Christian occupant of the White House, President Obama.

    Robert Jeffress, a senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, reignited a fire over Romney's religion -- a hot topic in the 2008 Republican primary race -- when he attended the Values Voter Summit on Friday to introduce his choice for the White House in 2012, Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

    Jeffress mentioned the word "cult" in referring to Romney's religion when he spoke to reporters after introducing Perry on stage. The comment drew a strong rebuke from conservative icon Bill Bennett and disavowal from Perry's campaign.  

    But after considerable backlash, Jeffress stood by his definition on Sunday, saying the Southern Baptist Convention deems Mormonism a "cult," though he distinguishes between a "sociological" cult and a "theological" one.


    "I've said that I would vote for Mitt Romney if the choice was Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, but I believe, guys, when we as evangelical Christians have the choice to select a leader to unseat Barack Obama, we ought to give preference to a Christian instead of someone who doesn't embrace historical Christianity," he said.

    Adding that he's not the "Jeremiah Wright of the right," a reference to the controversial reverend who led Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where the Obamas attended services for nearly 20 years, Jeffers said his support for Perry over Romney is for more reasons than religion.

    "There are reasons to prefer Rick Perry that go way beyond his Christian faith. He is a consistent, conservative versus a conservative out of convenience like Mitt Romney."

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    Re: Jeffers; Perry's Rev Wright?

    Jeremiah Who?

    I don't recall anyone by that name hurting obama in any way, shape or form thanks to the lame media.
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    Re: Jeffers; Perry's Rev Wright?

    I agree that the associations should not be made to closely between these extremists and the candidates that they purport to speak for. The issue I have is that the candidates should do more to distance themselves from that nonsense. Isn't that what leaders do? If I am electing someone to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world..I want him ( or her) to at least be able to confront a nobody preacher with divisive views.
    At least Huntsman had the guts to call Jeffers what he was..a moron.
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