Jim DeMint, who once advocated RomneyCare as an alternative to going to the ER, now advocates going to the ER as an alternative to ObamaCare

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    Its amazing how so many just blame republicans for this disaster and the criticisms of ACA when so many democrats and dems supporters are screaming to get out of it, distancing themselves from it, and threatening to pull support for obama if, he doesnt give them a way out!

    Talk about hardcore denial and a culture of just blame the opposition!!

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    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:

    They are hypocrites blinded by their hatred for the President. It has absolutely nothing to do with reconsidering their prior position and changing their minds. If McCain had proposed what Obama did, and Obama propsed a tax credit, they'd love McCain's idea.


    But we all knew that.

    What evidence do you have of that?

    It seems as though much of ACA is not what was promised. We can't keep our doctor or insurance plan if we like them, much of it is either waived for presidential favorites or delayed by fiat from the President who has no authority to do so. On top of that we are now seeing a massive shhift in employment to part time work. Instead of getting a reductiion in insurancecosts, workers are getting a 25% pay cut.

    Obama has gone beyond hypocrisy to lying, but that doesn't seem to bother you and your fellow leftwingers.

    And all those leftwingers that were crying about losing our civil liberties when Bush was President. Where are they now? Most of them are right behind King Barack supporting even more abuse of our civil liberties.

    Nothing new. They're all politicians.

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    In response to A_Concerned_Citizen's comment:

    In response to ComingLiberalCrackup's comment:



     "In 1989, the Heritage Foundation was at the forefront of advocating for a requirement to purchase coverage ..."

    This one talking point has been beaten to death. Over and over. Defenders of the failure known as ObamaCare hangi n to this stupid point like a man stranded at sea hanging on to a deflating liferaft...

    Who gives a rat's behind what the Heritage Foundation said in 1989?

    No Republicans voted for ACA when it was enacted in 2010, because it was a massive goverment bureaucratic takeover..Dems and liberals own it. Period.





    Here's a little test to see if you actually know what your talking about or just regurgitating wingnut echo chamber baloney.

    Following are a few summaries of sections of two bills, one submitted by the Dems the other the Reps.

    See if you can pick which is which.

    You can respond with your answers R or D


    1) Universal Access - Provides access to health insurance coverage under a qualified health plan for every citizen and lawful permanent resident of the United States.

    Dem or Rep

    2) Establishes a program under which persons with low incomes (and who are not eligible for Medicaid) will receive premium support to buy insurance through purchasing groups.

    D or R

    3) Requires each employer to make available, either directly, through a purchasing group, or otherwise, enrollment in a qualified health plan to each eligible employee.

    D or R

    4) Qualified General Access Plan in the Small Employer and Individual Marketplace- Requires the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to develop specific standards to implement requirements concerning: (1) guaranteed eligibility, availability, and renewability of health insurance coverage; (2) nondiscrimination based on health status; (3) benefits offered; (4) insurer financial solvency; (5) enrollment process; (6) premium rating limitations; (7) risk adjustment; and (8) consumer protection.

    D or R

    5) Benefits Commission - Requires each qualified health plan to provide a standard package of benefits. Specifies items and services to be covered.

    D or R

    6) Quality Assurance and Simplification - Subtitle A: Quality Assurance - Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with relevant agencies, to develop and publish standards for quality assurance programs and ensure that appropriate performance measures are established. Requires the standards to contain provider risk programs to prevent or provide early warning of practices that may result in injury.

    D or R

    7) Provides for the standardization of information through a national health data system.

    D or R

    8) Administrative Simplification - Establishes a health care data interchange system to make data available on a uniform basis to all participants in the health care system.

    D or R

    9) Limits attorney contingency fees and award amounts for noneconomic damages.

    D or R

    10) Gives States the option of allowing the enrollment of Medicaid-eligible individuals (including a limited number of AFDC- and SSI-eligible individuals) in the standard benefit package under a qualified health plan, instead of enrollment in the State's Medicaid program.

    D or R


    why do you think the conservatives here think along these narrow party line that you do?

    i was against romneycare from the jump. I could care less what republicans supported it, they are wrong.

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    RomneyCare as an alternative to going to the ER, now advocates going to the ER as an alternative to ObamaCare

    MAny people are having issue on healthcare plan with Obamacare or Romneycare. The Obama Administration's Affordable Care Act would cost American households about half of what they would pay under Mitt Romney's proposed healthcare plan. That was the conclusion of a recent study.