The Obama reelection networks: ABC, CBS, NBC,  are hyping a worthless new Quinnipiac poll gives Obama a big edge in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The survey shows Obama up 6 in Ohio and Florida and 11 in Pennsylvania. These are all bigger margins than Obama received when he won all three states in 2008 --  Florida (2.8%), Ohio (4.7%). Pennsylvania(10%).  It seems unlikely that Obama would be doing better in these states than he did 4 years ago. 
Wonder why? Well, if you sample enough Democrats, you will get such a result..

Typical was the Washington Post. Blaring front page headlines about troubles for Romney ...below the fold comes the um, "caveat"....

"The polls must be taken with this caveat: In all three states, significantly more Democrats than Republicans were surveyed, which could affect the results. [could? they damn well did]
In Florida, for example, Democrats responding to the poll outnumbered Republicans by nine percentage points, even though exit polls there in 2008 showed just a three percentage point Democratic advantage and exit polls in 2010 were dead even on party identification.

In the other two states, the party breakdown in the poll leans much more toward 2008 — a very good Democratic year — than 2010, which was a good GOP year..."