Liberal program "Head Start" now scientifically certified as a $180 billion massive failure. Time for more "investment"!

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    The only exit strategy for the war on poverty is a classless society.


    Uh huh. Say, exactly what colors are the unicorns in your universe?

    Oh, I agree that we need to help the poor. I just think that we need a system in which they are not exploited for votes and an environment that gives them incentive to become successful.

    But then the Democrats would lose their base, now wouldn't they.


    "not exploited for votes"


    Is that why the GOP has been actively trying to strike poor and minority voters from the rolls in several key swing states...?  Voter ID laws are exploitative, too.

    If the GOP was even remotely capable of appealing to those parts of the population, then what are they waiting for...?  What "incentives" have they created - or even considered - to do so...?


    I agree a classless society is impossible (barring a nuclear war or plague).  But class can also co-exist with opportunity, if only the latter is favored over the former.  The elite on both sides just aren't that cool with it.




    The ironic thing is that entitlement spending has been higher when the GOP is in control. Obama's strategy now of forcing the GOP to agree on spending cuts Boehner can get the votes for is brilliant.  The GOP can't even agree amongst themselves and are about to tank the global economy.



    God, it must be great being a democrat and living in such a magnificent land of lollipops and sugar plum fairies. 



    Ya mean the one where the GOP actually expands the social programs their constituents so despise then their constituents blame the dems?  Yep, thats right. The headstart program you so despise was turned into to the big social program it is today under - wait for it- wait for it----Reagan.

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    Re: Liberal program's like talking to a wall. For those posters declaring that the study found that Headstart is a probably need to actually read the study or work on your reading comprehension skills.  Media will always put a dramatic spin on things. The reason that this is not all over the news is because most people who read the study understand that it is not suggesting all.