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In Response to Re: More black on white violence? : -------------- My point is that all civil rights violations and violence should be treated the same.  In this arena whites are not equal.  I am sorry, but they don;t go after black on white crime the saem way they go after white on black crime. I am just looking for a level playing field.  No violence based on race is right. And when we have Eric Holder claiming that blacks can't intimidate white voters, we have a problem. I wonder how much of this violence in PA and WI will be prosecuted as civil rights violations. If it was violence directed towards gays, it would have made the front pages.  If it was white on black, it would have made the front pages, let alone, Al Sharpton would be broadcasting live from the fair grounds. If these people are not prosecuted under civil rights violations, people need to speak up. I can see the explaination now. . . ."these black youths are young, we can't destroy the rest of their lives just because they were running around and pulling whites out of cars and beating them just because they are white.  You need to understand the black youths are hurting" BS, and assault based on skin color or sexual orientation needs to be prosecuted to its fullest. 
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You are jumping to conclusions. The police authorities are quoted as saying they are looking at the race angle for possible hate crime prosecution.  They indicate quite rightly that black on white violence by itself is not enough for such a prosecution, you need an expression of racial hatred. 

And when did Holder say that (all?) blacks can't intimidate white voters? That generalization is more your strained interpretation of one minor incident than actual fact.