Obama and obamacare. Brought to you by the left press

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    Re: Obama and obamacare. Brought to you by the left press

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    In the wake of yet another miserable jobs report and news from across the country that hundreds of thousands are losing their health insurance, Speaker Boehner makes the prediction that more people may actually lose health insurance than sign up for it when October’s enrollment numbers come in.

    Here is what Speaker Boehner said:

    “How about the report over the last couple of days of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are finding out they’re going to lose their coverage, because the plans they have today don’t qualify under ObamaCare. And when you begin to look at these hundreds of thousands of people, I think what you’re going to see at the end of October are more Americans are going to lose their health insurance than are going to sign up at these exchanges.”

    Boehner is far from going out on a limb: due in part to Healthcare.gov glitches and malfunctions, fewer than 500,000 even submitted applications through ObamaCare’s first two weeks. As the Washington Post reported, the CBO projects that there will still be 31 million people uninsured under ObamaCare — ten years from now.




    They were going to find out eventually they had cr8ppy insurance.  Would they be better off finding out in the ER?


    More people uninsured

    Higher premiums

    less quality care

    Wonder how any politician could do running on that messasge or accomplishment?

    None of this is true on the whole.  

    I'm sympathetic to people losing plans that they liked, but IMO 300,000 stories of "My insurer is cancelling my policy because I'm woefully underinsured" don't stack up to one story of "I'm not allowed to buy health insurance because I'm sick."

    It was a tough sell - it cost the Dems control of Congress and nearly cost Obama a second term.  Maybe he should have left well enough alone, and kicked the can down the road another 10 years.  A Family of four would be paying about $45K in medical expenses by then.

    Yes - what this country needs is less problem-solving and more opportunism by our political leaders.  Maybe I'll switch to the GOP.


    So, it is ok to sacrifice a few hundred thousands of people so others get coverage?

    Maybe in commie land, but not here.  What you suggest by saying so is purely treating peopl like stacks of bricks.  It is OK to throw away some bricks to make room for others, right?  Absolutely inhuman.

    The best part is why these people lost their coverage.  you probablydon't want to hear this, but, IT WAS BECASUE OF OBAMACARE!

    So, the idea that people would be helped by this in the main is a complete and utter lie.  Hundreds of thousands are losing there coverage becasue it doesn't meet certain standards.  That nmber will be in the millions before we are through.

    But, to progressives, it is OK to kill off a few million for the good of the rest.  What the h3ll is wrong wi h you peo-pe?

    You should be yelling into a mirror, because the people "losing coverage" can simply buy a new policy.  That's not a sacrifice - it's an inconvenience.  But you're pining to return to the system that would deny millions that right.

    Do you understand that?  With ACA - millions will have to switch plans.  Without ACA - millions cannot buy coverage at all.

    What the h3ll is wrong wi h YOU peo-pe?


    Millions will have to sign up for new plans?

    What happened to if you like your plan you can keep it?

    You really think loosing a plan that meet a persons needs to move to a government plan that costs inthe neighborhood of 100% more, and has a deductible ten times higher than the prior plan is morally right?  It is outright theft.

    Just a small sacrifice on the altar of progressism?

    How are they going to sign up for NEW plans if the darn site doesn't work?

    Can't you see this is bad?  Or are you going to stick to your cracked ideology while ignoring the facts?

    What the H3LL is wrong with you? 

    That's the whole point - these plans don't meet anybody's needs.  They're a gamble a step better than having no insurance at all.  You don't know how much your health costs will be this year, or next year, or throughout your lifetime; you don't know what type of illnesses you will contract in your lifetime, and can plan accordingly.  Sooner or later, a large chunk of those 300,000 people were going to find out their plans were cr8p, but pre-ACA, when that time came it would be impossible for them to do anything about it.



    You know for a fact their current plan is crap?  what are you a mind reader?

    So, now, even if I stipulate that you are correct, and is is doubtful that you are, the solution is for everybody to have a cr8ppy plan?

    I'm not getting what's so great about Obamacare.

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    Republicans For Obamacare!







    Republicans LOVE Obamacare!




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    Re: Obama and obamacare. Brought to you by the left press

    More like decent people trying to save this country despite their leader being a bald faced Liar!