Will Bill Clinton in his convention speech mention welfare reform, his signature bipartisan achievement, now gutted by the radical in the White House?

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell:
"Our nation was built on a commitment to the dignity and necessity of work. That commitment and its rewards have been passed down from generation to generation. And, in the 1990s, welfare reform ensured that value remained part of the laws governing our nation.

Building on successful state programs, like our groundbreaking legislation here in Virginia that I was honored to carry in the legislature as a delegate, Congress strengthened the welfare safety net by adding a requirement that individuals receiving financial support must also look for and find work. It's known as "welfare-to-work" for short. And while some were concerned that the measures in this reform were too tough, their doubts were soon erased.

Welfare caseloads that had remained unchanged for 40 years were quickly cut in half. The poverty rate among welfare recipients, especially children, plummeted. The percentage of single mothers with a job grew from 58 to 75 in less than a decade. Millions of Americans were moving off the welfare roll and moving up life's ladder.

As a candidate, the president claimed that he supported welfare-to-work policies. He once professed that work should be "a centerpiece of any social policy." He has now apparently changed his mind.

Worse still is the way this recent decision unfolded. President Obama did not work with Congress to secure legislative approval. He did not tell the American people about his decision — or ask them for their support. He simply decided that he did not like the existing law, and then chose to work around it.

By unwinding our nation's welfare-to-work requirements, the Obama administration is making a tragic mistake. Millions have benefited from this bipartisan reform. And while the Obama administration has given no indication that it will reverse this decision, this November voters will have a chance to elect someone who will."