Obama's first term approval rating; Ford and Carter only POTUS with lower rating since WWII

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    Re: Obama's first term approval rating; Ford and Carter only POTUS with lower rating since WWII

    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:

    In response to jmel's comment:

    "alleged"?  I think you`de be hard pressed to find a president re-elected when EVERYTHING he touched in his first term is worse than the day he was inaugurated.

    Yeah. Alleged.


    There are plenty of things he's done I don't agree with and plenty ideas I think are stupid.

    But he is by no means "the worst."

    His policies stopped an economic nose-dive, though they could have been much better crafted and gone farther.

    His healthcare plan slowed the growth of premiums as compared to the last ten years and stopped the ever-growing numbers of uninsurables, as well as stopping the uninsured from completely gaming the system at your expense and my expense.

    His 'green tech' spurred initial investment in technology that may well have us in a lead position once it is further advanced, where it would not be as advanced in the future had it had a later start. We want to be selling this to other countries down the road, not vice versa.

    He wound down the war in Iraq, following the - yes, successful, Bush surge.

    He's winding down Afghanistan.

    He pushed for them to find OBL, and when they did, he overrode most people in the room and gave an order that very well could have lost him a second term.

    Of course, on the other hand, gitmo's still there, rendition is there, drone strikes are exploding and now becoming domesticized, faith baith initiatives are way increased, and so on.

    He's far from perfect but by no means the worst.




    Add on to that the following: He managed to accomplish the things he has in the most hostile atmosphere a President has faced in our lifetimes (except perhaps post-watergate nixon).

    You all don't seem to grasp what it means to come into office when all congresspersons on the other side of the aisle already have a memo stating that the party line is to oppose EVERYTHING you do, no matter how good or bad it would be for America, simply to "break" you.

    Oh right..and then listen to them b!tch and moan about how you didn't work with them. Boo f**king hoo.

    Strange lense through which you are viewing the Obama 1st term.  Sure, every president has their plusses and minuses, but where is the big win for Obama?  real unemployment is up (flat by the u-3 measure, up by the u-6 measure), gas is nearly double, real incomes are down, poverty is up.

    For the areas that normal americans need, we are worse off.  

    Maybe in the public sector, with Obama's focus on supporting public unions, and where job secuirty, retirement, and an easy job are taken for granted, maybe in theat world things are better.

    But, out here in the dreaded private sector, we are paying for thatpublic employee  excess and things are worse for us.