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Official in charge of corrupt IRS department promoted – to top ObamaCare enforcer

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    Official in charge of corrupt IRS department promoted – to top ObamaCare enforcer

    The person in charge during the worst abuse-of-power scandal in modern history is now the chief enforcer for ObamaCare.

    Sara Hall Ingram was also richly rewarded for her loyal service to the regime.  According to the Washington Examinershe got a $7000 bonus in 2009, $34,440 in 2010, $35,400 in 2011, and $26,550 in 2012.  That makes $103,390 in bonuses for the official who was either coordinating this outrageous abuse, or was blissfully unaware of massive illegal behavior in her department.

    The President is supposed to personally approve the payment of bonuses over $25,000, according to federal civil service guidelines.  The IRS paid over $92 million in bonuses over the last four years.  Remember that the next time Democrats start whining about the horrors of austerity, and sobbing that the first dollar of “spending cuts” means they’ll have to furlough air-traffic controllers and first responders.

    The Examiner duly notes that Ingram also got a big bonus during the Bush Administration, when she was cited for distinguished service as an IRS lawyer, at a time when the IRS was being criticized for generally sub-par performance.  So… we’re supposed to believe this Distinguished Service Award-Winning IRS official, lavished with huge bonuses year after year, was completely unaware of what her subordinates were doing, over the course of several years?

    And now she’s a good choice to serve as conductor for the ObamaCare train wreck?  Where she’ll have access to what the Wall Street Journal describes as “the largest personal information database the government has ever attempted?”

    Known as the Federal Data Services Hub, the project is taking the IRS’s own records (for income and employment status) and centralizing them with information from Social Security (identity), Homeland Security (citizenship), Justice (criminal history), HHS (enrollment in entitlement programs and certain medical claims data) and state governments (residency).

    The data hub will be used as the verification system for ObamaCare’s complex subsidy formula. All insurers, self-insured businesses and government health programs must submit reports to the IRS about the individuals they cover, which the IRS will cross-check against tax returns.

    Good luck in advance to anyone who gets caught in this system’s gears, assuming it even works. Centralizing so much personal information in one place is another invitation for the IRS wigglers in some regional office—or maybe higher up—to make political decisions about enforcement.

    How about the exact same person who was in charge of it last time?

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    Re: Official in charge of corrupt IRS department promoted – to top ObamaCare enforcer

    "the worst abuse-of-power scandal in modern history"....hahaha, thanks for the laugh.

    $92 million in bonuses sounds like a lot until you break out the calculator and it amounts to a whopping $230 per employee over 4 years.....what greed!

    And $92 million is chump change compared the amount Conressional Republicans have wasted in their 37 useless attempts to repeal the ACA, and their recent parade of hearings that have proven nothing other than to demonstrate their disrespect for this administration.

    At this point, it's hard to even imagine what a serious Republican would actually look or sound like today or in 2016.  Every last member of the GOP has gone off the deep end of rationality into an abyss of dead cliches, talking points, derangement and propaganda-based logic.  Its sad.