Palin's Wasilla Hillbillies

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    Palin's Wasilla Hillbillies

    Here is the REAL Sarah Palin and her Alaska Hillbillie clan at work on the campaign trail. The burning question is why DID HE PICK HER??

    THE knives are out for Sarah Palin after the Republican Party's devastating election loss. New allegations were yesterday emerging about her campaign behaviour and out-of-control shopping sprees compared to "Wasilla hillbillies looting (department store) Neiman Marcus from coast to coast".

    The press reports that McCain was kept in the dark about her shameful behavior. It's no wonder McCain and Palin didn't talk much in the weeks before the Election.
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    Palin's Wasilla Hillbillies

    I love the report that Palin didn't know the names of NAFTA members and that she thought Africa was a country.

    By the way, typical Republican: She wants less government, except for special needs children because, of course, she has a special needs child. It's the same as GM wanting less government except after they've made a bunch of terrible business decisions and need a handout by the Federal Government.

    They want less government for you because they want lower taxes. But more Government is OK when it benefits them. Typical.
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    Palin's Wasilla Hillbillies

    Nothing for nothing, but I find these reports about Palin severely lacking in credibility...

    ...and the fact that they coming out through FoxNews does nothing to convince me otherwise.

    Hasn't anyone ever seen a losing team complain about "unfairness" before...???