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    Re: Patrick-Gate

    In response to GreginMeffa's comment:

    In response to DirtyWaterLover's comment:

    The real issue, missed as usual by the righties, is that she shouldn't have been in the job because she had no prior experience in the field of highway safety or transportation.  the fact that she has a bad driving record is beside the point.  The real issue is that whe wasn't qualified - even with a clean driving record.

    Even when the righties are correct, they still miss the point.  It's like the old sayin about how even a blind dog finds a bone every now and then.

    "How is the public supposed to have confidence in a person in that position with that record and that is the point and that is why she will not come back to that position" - Deval Patrick


    When you play in a band, do you frequently play notes or chords from out of left field?  Do you occassionally walk over to the drum set and for reasons that only make sense to you, do you hit the cymbals? In the middle of a song, do you step up to the microphone and yell out stuff that has nothing to do with anything? 

    Just wondering.

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