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Pope Benedict XVI to resign..!

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    Re: Pope Benedict XVI to resign..!

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    Probably as good a time as any for the Catholic Church to close its doors for good.

    Man made Christianity has abused and defrauded enough people already.  Its time for facts and reality to rule the lands.


    I think there is a place in the world for both...I just think it's important to separate the politics of the church from faith and belief in God. Religious beliefs can inform government..but we've seen what happens when religious beliefs dictate government.  Most people don't understand that Freedom of Religion is also Freedom from religion. Belief in any God should be a choice..not mandatory.



    well said.



    So.....we can depend on you to NOT bring God into any further political discourse? Really?



    No. Why do you want religion barred from political discourse?

    Am I to take it, that in a thread about a cleric, only opinions of those ignorant of god are welcome? So, some opinions are welcome, others are not?

    you seem to be very close minded.

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    Re: Pope Benedict XVI to resign..!

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    Thanks, Cricket.  :)  I would join in more often, but the threads have a tendency to get into personal attacks and I don't  have the armour to deal with that; kudos, to you, OTOH, for your ability to wrangle -- you go girrrl.  :)     I am, sorry, however, that any threads devolve to the point where you have to deal with a stalker, a waste of energy by anyone's standards.  

    As for the Pope's successor, I have to be amused that a replacement will be appointed (annointed?)  in no time flat,  March 24th, from what I have read.   Let's put it this way: I've worked in organizations that take a month just to post a req for a job vacancy.  Recruiting a corporate CEO, university president, or filling a Senate seat, are all very arduous processes, as we know.   But finding a leader for the world-wide Catholic Church takes a mere two weeks?   No offense meant, but "conferring with God"  must make the difference.  :)


    It's already out that some insiders knew for weeks.  It's hard to believe that if some knew, all alert cardinals didn't know.  And it strains Mr. O'Malley's credibility that he was shocked.  Well, he could have been shocked a few weeks ago.  Anyway, the college of cardinals may be the only large group in the world who could keep a secret.  Then again, it's arguable that that's the secret eleventh commandment.