POTUS Selfies with Friends at Mandela Memorial

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    Re: POTUS Selfies with Friends at Mandela Memorial

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    Prize?   The OED gets the prize.  

    'Selfie' is OED's word of the year.    The OED, as the unsurpassed authority on the English language, trumps all else.  ;) 

    That, of course, can't guarantee, that the word is used correctly, so tell that to the media, since the media reported the pic in question as a 'selfie'; no one here can take credit for what the media started.

    PS The word of the year was the topic of an editorial in the Globe today.  


    Nice segue!

    I did not know that the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) had declared its word of the year, much less that it was "selfie".

    As you say, they are the unsurpassed authority...trumping all others.

    I also never would have guessed "selfie" in a million years.

    Will check out that editorial you pointed out. Thanks.


    Below is the Globe Editorial. (BTW if you Goggle search the headline you can get Boston Globe content for free, but then you need to clear cookies.)

    The popular trend in internet posted funeral selfies on twitter, instagram and facebook has had numerous articles calling out the act as immature, narcissistic to deplorable to say the least.  A recent, pre-Mandela memorial world leader selfie, Globe blog condemned the practice and by chance the Globe had an editorial concerning the Selfie today catching up with the OED word of the year announced mid November.  Interesting given all the controversy about the world leader selfie, there was silence.






    The funeral selfie is simply outrageous. It is not about respect for the person who has died. As the term implies, it’s all about the self, the person shooting their own picture, and that is the antithesis of the purpose for attending a funeral or expressing one’s condolences. The title of the Huffington Post blog was right on: the funeral selfie is one selfie you absolutely positively should never take. 





    ‘Selfie’ as word of the year: Look at me, OED!

      DECEMBER 10, 2013


    Cameras have always been used for self-portraits, but it took the smartphone revolution — especially Apple’s addition of a front-facing camera to the iPhone 4 in 2010 — to make the “selfie” ubiquitous. The perfect blend of narcissism and social media, selfies have been taken and shared with the world by everyone from Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian. Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover, beamed back a few selfies from its Gale Crater landing site. Even Pope Francis posed this summer for a selfie taken in St. Peter’s Basilica.


    Selfies have made news, too, and usually not the good kind. Anthony Weiner sank his political career with selfies. A notorious Rolling Stone magazine cover in August featured a selfie of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who faces terrorism charges in the Boston Marathon bombing .


    So when Oxford University Press, publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, pronounced “selfie” its word of the year for 2013, it was only acknowledging the inevitable. Lexicographers record the language as it is, however self-centered, obnoxious, or faddish the phenomena it describes. Besides, Oxford’s choice could have been worse: Among the terms “selfie” beat was “twerk.”

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    Re: POTUS Selfies with Friends at Mandela Memorial

    Sorry, last post on this promise. go to the link below on CNN, it addresses the selfie and has 7 pictures associated with it as it developed.  Look at the last photo it says a lot.



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    Re: POTUS Selfies with Friends at Mandela Memorial

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    I think we've only partially agreed on a few issues, so I never assume we're going to find agreement.  But when I go back and forth I do try to talk to issues as opposed to personal attacks.  When it changes, I do disengage.

    Yes I posted what I preceived to be a social faux pas by POTUS.  Yes I was surprised how quickly how robustly it was defended.  I was amused.

    Act of terror is a NYT PC squishy way of saying terrorist act. 

    I fully expect that 9 times out of 10 we'll disagree and that on the other 10% there may be elements of overlapping agreement that we both see but neither could really agree to.

    We all judge issues based upon our norms, values and life experiences and its always a challenge to try and look from another's perspective.

    Opinions are like butholes and we all have them.





    I have no problem agreeing w/ an argument borne of facts and evidence. Heck, I've even agreed with CLC on the rare occassion. I also see the necessity of 'agreeing to disagree' when both sides have presented a compelling and plausible position. What I can't agree with are propositions proposed for debate based on opinion, innuendo or just plain ridiculous leaps of logic. Inevitably the person proposing such a proposition resorts to declaring themselves as "Winning, Charlie Sheen style" only because they have managed to elicit a heated response from the other side. What the 'winners' never take into account is those hot responses often arise from the frustration of dealing with people who have only presented an opinion yet they want their opinion to be treated as fact only because it is their opinion and the only argument they have. They can't even explain how they've arrived at that opinion or what facts they base it on, just that it's their opinion so they win.

    Mature and intelligent people who disagree and debate issues don't try to use their personal "norms, values and experiences" as standard by which they feel compelled to judge the actions of others or as a substitute for factual argument.


    Mature and intelligent people don't start political debates on such personal terms and then declare themselves correct because of the level of frustration they have generated by substituting their personal judgement of others as some kind of inarguable fact while disregarding, and thus minimizing, other peoples cultures and norms.

    Mature and intelligent people realize that opinions are not really like butholes; one serves an important biological function while the other is superfluous and usually quite sanctimonious in nature. 


    Says the guys who's all about insulting people with name calling. Apparently name calling is "mature and intelligent"....holy Christ ACC is beyond delusional. 

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    Re: POTUS Selfies with Friends at Mandela Memorial

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    Nice deflection when the truth is uncomfortable.

    The only "truth" is you getting your panties wadded up.

    No more or less.



    Yet another deflection.  

    I'm not Irate or jumping up and down,... that doesn't change my opinion that it makes POTUS look crass acting like a teenage girl.

    How can that be 'truth' when it's just your opinion, then...?

    Look, we know you dislike the guy.  Fine.  But this petty stuff just makes you look petty...nobody else.

    If you can't get a clue, then at least get some better material....





    Yes let's debate opinion vs. truths.

    Yes I dislike Obama's policies, opinions, leadership skill (Buck doesn't stop with him), and management style (kill the messenger vs. heading off problems whick lead to ACA roll out problem).  It's my opinion, the truth I lie not.

    ...and  watching you getting your shorts in a bunch because I posted about Obama's selfie and my opinon of it priceless.

    That material just dropped into my lap via BDC and embedded bdcwire link, I only just shared.

    Sorry, joe, but you're the one whining about some imaginary "decorum" that only your mind can see, so nice try (not really) trying to pin it on me.

    You realize there's nothing here, that nobody cares, and now you're on the ropes because of your own innate dou(c)hebaggery...just another blunt tool trying to perform surgery.  Good luck with all that.