Probation Department Indictments

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    Probation Department Indictments

    I read about the racketeering charges against the Probation Deartment head honchos where they gave jobs to those that had political connections as opposed to real qualifications.  I have to say this has gone on for years and years.  The courts are full of people on the state payroll who are related to politicians, judges and other officials.  Some are good and some are bad at their jobs. But this is part of the Spoils System, rewarding political support with governmental jobs.  We have been doing that since the 1840s. These honchos placed incompetents into positions of authority, thwarted the careers of experienced people in the system and should be fired.  But are they guilty of crimes?  And if they are... are we going to investigate all the relations and connections of in state offices and indict virtually everybody?
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    Re: Probation Department Indictments

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    This is nothing but a few people acting badly. Hardly ever happens in Massachusetts. Stop complaining. Time to get real and turn our healthcare system over to them completely and give them a real chance to clean it up.
    Posted by Newtster

    Sarcasm.  As if our healthcare is even a "system" without government involvement.