Remebering 9/11

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    Remebering 9/11

    Every year on the anniversary of 9/11 I try to forget about those that committed the ultimate cowardly act. I try to ignore those still around that attempt to elevate the cowards position through their rhetoric. Instead I try to remember the innocent children, woman and men on planes, office towers and on the ground who were scared and terrified and had only god to protect them.

    This day is for "them"!

    Today - Please remember "them"!

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    Re: Remebering 9/11

    Try to forget them, fine.  But calling them cowards makes you an idiot.
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    Re: Remebering 9/11

    I watched Michelle Obama's speech on 9/11 at the flight 93 crash site and she was very good.  She was emotional, spoke from the heart and showed that she understood what really happened there that day.....I have NEVER seen her husband speak with the same emotion and passion about anything 9/11 related.  He could learn from her.  His speech was all about tolerance, compassion and remaining true to our values....bla bla bla...

    When it comes to 9/11, President Obama sounds like a guy who sat in Reverend Wright's Church for 20 years. 
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    Re: Remebering 9/11

    "His speech was all about tolerance, compassion and remaining true to our values....bla bla bla..."

    Given that tolerance for Muslims is in such short supply these days--I honeslty haven't seen this kind of rampant racism in the country since at least the 60s--the president hit the note that was needed for the time. 9.11 was a terrible tragedy. My sister was killed in Flight 11. The pain is something I deal with on an ongoing basis (not just on the 11th of september). And it is a pain I feel no matter where I happen to be (not just when I am visiting ground zero). But it is no excuse to assign blame to all Muslims, or to take offense at Muslims (who had nothing to do with 9.11) trying to start a mosque near ground zero. People are choosing to be offended, just as the terrorists chose to blame america. Life is about choices. And we should never choose intolerance because our anger is misplaced. I do not hold Islam or Muslims repsonsible for my sister's death. I hold the men who organized, planned, and executed the attack responsible. Period. No one else is to blame, and no one else needs to feel my wrath for trying to practice their faith.
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    Re: Remebering 9/11

    In Response to Re: Remebering 9/11:
    A full day of the mainstream liberal media reporting 9-11 without mentioning Islam.  What a cowardly farce.   This wasn't a tragedy like an earthquake or tsunami.  This was a cold-blooded attack by Islamic fascists on our American citizens and way of life.  The professional Left in this country would rather have us forget it happened altogether rather than see how weak and appeasing they have historically been to their totalitarian forefathers: the Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, Pol Pots, and Castros.  The Left used to just breed the monsters, now they are allying themselves with the religious ones as well. I can't wait until November.
    Posted by DumpObama

    Complete and utter prejudiced nonsense.  You don't know what totalitarian is if you associate it with liberalism (hint: it is about liberty).   And last I checked 9/11 happened while conservatives were in power not liberals.  We all remember that fateful day: some just don't understand the true facts behind the memories or the lessons to be learned from the event.  Use your head, not your hate.  Read the post just above yours: rationality can control and guide emotion.
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    Re: Remebering 9/11

    Sadly Greg, I fear the country is going insane. We are descending into the worst kind of political rhetoric and hate speech (on both sides IMO). The right and left hate each other enough now, that violence is absolutely possible. When you have guys like Oscar and his ilk refering to whole groups of people as "stupid" "evil" "dictatorial", "nazis", "Communists", "america hating", "freedom hating", "hateful", can anyone deny the next logical step for many people is violence? If you accept that there is a movement afoot in this country, that is just as menacing an evil as the Nazi's or Stalin, then of course you must resort to something more than the voting box to stop them ( I know if an evil like the Nazi's was rising in the US, I would resort to violence to stop it----were it legitimately as evil as that movement).

    There is a reason the Germans called the Jews rats. They called them rats, because it is much easier to kill another human being, when you think of them as an animal, and not a person. When you use demonizing langauge, you are creating divisions that will not only give way to violence, but take years to overcome.